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LOOM: Transitioneffect(0) is unimplemented but DOES exist!!!

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Game: Loom


The Transitioneffect(0) DOES exist in loom (ega), even if it may not exist in other games. The
effect it produces is to blank the viewport (non-distaff) area of the screen for 32? iterations,
then display it all at once. This effect hides a few minor graphical glitches, such as Bobbin walking
behind the elder's tent flap and past the mask (so his staff shows through the tent) and adds to
the feel of the game.
The effect is triggered in a MULTITUDE of places throughout the game, the first time being right
before the 'LucasFilm games' logo comes up. You can easily tell where it is triggered by looking at
the console when going from one room to another.
I attempted (and failed) to make a working implementation of Transitioneffect(0) using the same
33-value tables which are used by all the other, tile-based transition effects. It seems I just don't
understand how those things work.

Using latest CVS (if anoncvs can be called 'latest'), as always

Lord Nightmare

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comment:1 by SF/khalek, 16 years ago

I'm quite sure this isn't in the disassembly

comment:2 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

I wonder how often I will have to explain this to lord_nightmare
untill he believes me... :-)

There *is no effect 0*. You get warnings regarding effect 0, simply
because no transition effect was set. If at the time you get the
"effect 0" warning there should be a transition effect which is
missing - then this is *not* because we should implement effect 0.
Rather that means that the current transition effect value was not
that, but should have been. Maybe for Loom we ought to set an
initial default effect. Or maybe we are not (correctly)
implementing some opcode which sets the current transition

However it does *not* mean that effect 0 does something unusual.
I know with absolute certainity, beyond any doubt, that Loom like
all other Scumm games, does *not* have any special code for
effect 0.

comment:3 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

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