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MYST3: Autosave does not work

Reported by: ctoroman Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Myst3
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Cc: Game: Myst 3: Exile


ScummVM 2.3.0git9363-g9c7e456d61 (Oct 13 2020 06:49:06)
OS: Windows 10 x64
Game: Myst 3 Exile v1.27 rvm (21807)

The Autosave.m3s file is missing and is not generated by the game. Although it is in the save list.

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by ctoroman, 4 years ago

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comment:1 by aquadran, 4 years ago

Component: --Unset--Engine: Myst3
Game: Myst 3: Exile

comment:2 by macca8, 4 years ago

FWIW, autosaving works correctly with the 4-CD English version on macOS.

Having said that, your screenshot displays an intentional "fake" Autosave entry - basically a place holder - created by the game to preserve the Autosave slot for future use.

The Autosave.m3s file is created later, when an actual autosave is performed, or, alternatively, if the user selects the entry and clicks Save (only possible from the game's own Save screen).

This fake entry appears if, when the user enters the Save/Load screens, an autosave has not yet been performed, and the user has already created a save. Normally, this only occurs early in the game, but if the Autosave file is deleted (why would you do that?), then the fake entry will be reinstated under the same conditions.

comment:3 by ctoroman, 4 years ago

I finished the game, saved 7 times but the Autosave.m3s file was not generated. Can you check this on a Windows system?

comment:4 by aquadran, 4 years ago

I tested under windows 10, cleanup scummvm setup, no save, config, etc. added game, started, skipped intro and waited. for me auto save worked and I have correct save game file.

comment:5 by aquadran, 4 years ago

can you check antivirus program is not make problem? disable or add scummvm to exceptions?

comment:6 by macca8, 4 years ago

ctoroman, unfortunately I can't test on a Windows system.
However, aquadran's test confirms it works on Windows, though his test method suggests that he's avoided the creation of the "fake" Autosave entry in the Save lists, by waiting for a scheduled autosave to be performed before accessing the Save/Load screens.

Did you try to manually create the Autosave.m3s file by selecting it from the Save screen and clicking Save?

If successful, you should be able to load the Autosave file, in which case the Autosave.m3s file should now be present in your Save Games folder.

If you still can't autosave with the file present, then it's likely you have a local issue.
If you can autosave, then your issue is probably with the handling of the fake Autosave entry.

comment:7 by ctoroman, 4 years ago

aquadran, antivirus program disabled. Problem still exists. What distribution are you using? Can you give an address?

I downloaded from here:

comment:8 by ctoroman, 4 years ago

macca8, I create the Autosave.m3s file by selecting it from the Save screen and clicking Save.
But even after 4 hours of waiting, it remained unchanged. That is, saving for that period of time.

comment:9 by macca8, 4 years ago

ctoroman, I was able to reproduce your issue using the latest daily builds (2.3.0git9524).

I triggered the issue by performing a manual save on the Autosave file, which appears to change the file's isAutosave metadata item to false, effectively suggesting that the autosave slot (write protected & maintained in the ScummVM Save screen) is now occupied by a user's save file.

For me, deleting the Autosave file restored normal autosave behaviour (select Autosave, click delete).

Does this work for you?

In this case, if a user's save file (regardless of its name) is occupying the designated Autosave slot (0), then autosaving is disabled until the user removes the file from the slot. At least, that's how it was before the autosave system was overhauled, but the current behaviour suggests that's still the case.

No doubt, an appropriate fix will be applied when available, but in the meantime, if this works for you, avoid manually updating the Autosave.

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comment:10 by ctoroman, 4 years ago

macca8, unfortunately, it didn't help me. I deleted the Autosave.m3s file (select Autosave, click delete). But the new file never appeared. I waited for about an hour. Save the game occasionally.

ScummVM 2.3.0git9858-gc021dbe243 (Oct 29 2020 05:37:03)

comment:11 by macca8, 3 years ago

For anyone interested in following this up, more detail is available in the original report posted by ctoroman in ResidualVM at, in particular the reference to

comment:12 by aquadran, 3 years ago

there was some changes in autosave, maybe works for you this time

comment:13 by ctoroman, 3 years ago

No, it didn't work for me

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