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#1103 closed defect

Mouse pointer behaviour bug renders the game unplayable

Reported by: SF/marconelly Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Sky
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Game: Beneath a Steel Sky


* ScummVM version:

ScummVM 0.5.0 (Aug 2 2003 02:52:38)

* Bug details:

As soon as the game starts, it shows the Virgin title
screen, then it automatically skips all the intro, and
starts the game in the regular starting room. Mouse
pointer, however, is being automatically pulled towards
the lower right corner of the screen. This happens in
both full screen and windowed mode, and basically
renders the game unplayable as it's impossible to move
the mouse. It also renders the Windows mouse unusable
(when you alt-tab back to windows, pointer is stuck at
the mentioned position on the screen) The only way to
return the pointer to the normal behaviour is to exit from
the SCUMMVM by pressing ALT+X.

Same mouse moving problem happens with all the
supported games, however BASS has extra problem of
automatically skipping the intro.

* Language of game:


* Version of game:

CD version and Floppy version, downloaded from
ScummVM website.

* Platform and compiler:

Windows XP w/ SP1 (version 5.1.2600).

* Save game:


* Last working version:


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comment:1 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Do you have a joystick connected to your system? If so, try
removing it, and see if that helps.

comment:2 by SF/florob, 16 years ago

Max i got the problem with the mouse again, too.
But you apear to be right it's the joystick driver in Linux and
Windows. (Seems to have been ported 1:1 :-D)
Removing the joystick helps in most cases.
And for the skipping intro, perhaps scummvm thinks the button
on the joystick which means Esc is pressed.

comment:3 by lavosspawn, 16 years ago

Status: newclosed

comment:4 by SF/marconelly, 16 years ago

True, it was the attached joystick that was making all the
problems. Now that I've removed it, SCUMMVM and BASS
both work perfectly.

comment:5 by fingolfin, 14 years ago

Component: Engine: Sky
Game: Beneath a Steel Sky
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