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#2477 MANIACNES: Walking and talking doesn't display properly pending defect normal Engine: SCUMM 14 years ago
#6144 TEENAGENT: Polish CD (Nowy) Version Issue new defect normal Engine: TeenAgent 7 years ago
#7152 Strange Mouse Cursor Bug pending defect normal Port: Win32 3 years ago
#7837 iPad Landscape Rotation Lock Problem pending enhancement normal Port: iOS 8 years ago
#9549 Game looking for DAT rather than DXA pending defect normal Engine: SCUMM 3 years ago
#9625 Discworld 2 out of sound reels new defect normal Engine: Tinsel 3 years ago
#10299 BACKENDS: Retropie: SDL Cursor flashes in corner pending defect normal Ports 2 years ago
#10663 GROOVIE: T7G: Cannot finish game pending defect normal Engine: Groovie 16 months ago
#11278 BUILD: Build failure on unstable Debian (FluidSynth 2.1.0) pending defect normal --Other-- 23 hours ago
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