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#7894 I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream Chinese translation checksums new enhancement normal Engine: SAGA
#10013 IHNM: Benny eating the child shouldn't be good new enhancement low Engine: SAGA
#5638 IHNM: Animations speed/sequence is off new defect normal Engine: SAGA
#5809 IPHONE: Fullscreen Mode Cropped new vinterstum defect normal Port: iOS
#5828 IHNM: Character selection animations often miss a frame new defect normal Engine: SAGA
#6131 IPHONE: Cursor disappearing in landscape mode new defect low Port: iOS
#6756 SAGA: IHNM - Incorrect song playing on startup new defect low Engine: SAGA
#10010 IHNM: Ellen Scenario Anubis problems at end new defect normal Engine: SAGA
#10012 IHNM: End game area easy to get stuck near beginning new defect normal Engine: SAGA
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