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#10586 MOHAWK: MYST: Focus issues with Gamebar enabled on Windows 10 new defect blocker 2 years ago
#10587 WIN32: Launching via .cmd file with openGL and fullscreen fails on HiDPI displays new defect blocker 2 years ago
#7152 Strange Mouse Cursor Bug pending digitall defect normal 4 years ago
#7811 Windows Vista/7 fullscreen and touchscreen new enhancement normal 9 years ago
#7882 Win32 installer: Don't install QUICKSTART file if English is selected new wjp enhancement normal 5 years ago
#10794 Strip and other dat files from zip cause they are already inside win32 exe new enhancement normal 21 months ago
#10875 In-build Add Game Screen doesn't work new criezy defect normal 18 months ago
#11185 Implement OSystem::isConnectionLimited on Windows new enhancement normal 10 months ago
#11380 WIN32: Error when building with MSVC 2019 new defect normal 4 months ago
#11453 Games force-close on Windows machine without soundcard new defect normal 2 months ago
#9940 SCUMMVM: Numpad Initially Off new defect low 3 years ago
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