Ticket #9042: scummvm-sci-resourcedisassembly.txt

File scummvm-sci-resourcedisassembly.txt, 4.8 KB (added by m-kiewitz, 12 years ago)

Disassembly of SCI View

1.text:0045A814 loc_45A814: ; CODE XREF: sub_45A7B0+60j
2.text:0045A814 movzx ecx, byte ptr [edx] ; Read patch type
3.text:0045A817 and ecx, 7Fh
4.text:0045A81A cmp ecx, esi
5.text:0045A81C jnz loc_45A95E
6.text:0045A822 cmp eax, 0Dh
7.text:0045A825 jz loc_45A926
8.text:0045A82B mov cl, [edx+1] ; Read patch header size byte
9.text:0045A82E test cl, cl
10.text:0045A830 js short loc_45A853
11.text:0045A832 movzx ecx, cl
12.text:0045A835 mov esi, ecx
13.text:0045A837 and esi, 7Fh
14.text:0045A83A mov ecx, edi
15.text:0045A83C sub ecx, esi
16.text:0045A83E push 0
17.text:0045A840 lea edx, [esi+edx+2]
18.text:0045A844 movzx esi, [ebp+arg_28]
19.text:0045A848 add ecx, 0FFFFFFFEh
20.text:0045A84B push ecx
21.text:0045A84C push esi
22.text:0045A84D push eax
23.text:0045A84E jmp loc_45A932
24.text:0045A853 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
26.text:0045A853 loc_45A853: ; CODE XREF: sub_45A7B0+80j
27.text:0045A853 movzx ecx, cl ; Special case for signed header size
28.text:0045A856 sub ecx, 80h
29.text:0045A85C jz loc_45A8F0
30.text:0045A862 sub ecx, 1
31.text:0045A865 jz short loc_45A8D4
32.text:0045A867 sub ecx, 3
33.text:0045A86A jnz loc_45A95E
34.text:0045A870 cmp edi, 3
35.text:0045A873 jbe loc_45A95E
36.text:0045A879 movzx edx, byte ptr [edx+2]
37.text:0045A87D add edx, 3
38.text:0045A880 cmp edi, edx
39.text:0045A882 jbe loc_45A95E
40.text:0045A888 mov ecx, [ebp+4]
41.text:0045A88B movzx esi, byte ptr [ecx+2]
42.text:0045A88F cmp byte ptr [esi+ecx+3], 0
43.text:0045A894 lea edx, [esi+ecx+3]
44.text:0045A898 lea ecx, [esi+edi-3]
45.text:0045A89C jz short loc_45A8BA
46.text:0045A89E mov edi, edi
48.text:0045A8A0 loc_45A8A0: ; CODE XREF: sub_45A7B0+FDj
49.text:0045A8A0 test ecx, ecx
50.text:0045A8A2 jbe short loc_45A8B1
51.text:0045A8A4 add edx, 1
52.text:0045A8A7 sub ecx, 1
53.text:0045A8AA cmp byte ptr [edx], 0
54.text:0045A8AD jnz short loc_45A8A0
55.text:0045A8AF jmp short loc_45A8BA
56.text:0045A8B1 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
58.text:0045A8B1 loc_45A8B1: ; CODE XREF: sub_45A7B0+F2j
59.text:0045A8B1 cmp byte ptr [edx], 0
60.text:0045A8B4 jnz loc_45A95E
62.text:0045A8BA loc_45A8BA: ; CODE XREF: sub_45A7B0+ECj
63.text:0045A8BA ; sub_45A7B0+FFj
64.text:0045A8BA cmp ecx, 17h
65.text:0045A8BD jb loc_45A95E
66.text:0045A8C3 movzx esi, [ebp+arg_28]
67.text:0045A8C7 push 0
68.text:0045A8C9 add ecx, 0FFFFFFE9h
69.text:0045A8CC push ecx
70.text:0045A8CD push esi
71.text:0045A8CE add edx, 17h
72.text:0045A8D1 push eax
73.text:0045A8D2 jmp short loc_45A932
74.text:0045A8D4 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
76.text:0045A8D4 loc_45A8D4: ; CODE XREF: sub_45A7B0+B5j
77.text:0045A8D4 cmp edi, 4
78.text:0045A8D7 jb loc_45A95E
79.text:0045A8DD movzx esi, [ebp+arg_28]
80.text:0045A8E1 mov ecx, edi
81.text:0045A8E3 push 0
82.text:0045A8E5 add ecx, 0FFFFFFFCh
83.text:0045A8E8 push ecx
84.text:0045A8E9 push esi
85.text:0045A8EA add edx, 4
86.text:0045A8ED push eax
87.text:0045A8EE jmp short loc_45A932
88.text:0045A8F0 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
90.text:0045A8F0 loc_45A8F0: ; CODE XREF: sub_45A7B0+ACj
91.text:0045A8F0 cmp eax, 0Bh
92.text:0045A8F3 jnz short loc_45A90E
93.text:0045A8F5 cmp edi, 4
94.text:0045A8F8 jb short loc_45A90E
95.text:0045A8FA mov eax, edi
96.text:0045A8FC lea ecx, [eax-4]
97.text:0045A8FF movzx eax, [ebp+arg_28]
98.text:0045A903 push 0
99.text:0045A905 push ecx
100.text:0045A906 push eax
101.text:0045A907 add edx, 4
102.text:0045A90A push 0Bh
103.text:0045A90C jmp short loc_45A932
104.text:0045A90E ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
106.text:0045A90E loc_45A90E: ; CODE XREF: sub_45A7B0+143j
107.text:0045A90E ; sub_45A7B0+148j
108.text:0045A90E cmp edi, 1Ah
109.text:0045A911 jb short loc_45A95E
110.text:0045A913 movzx esi, [ebp+arg_28]
111.text:0045A917 mov ecx, edi
112.text:0045A919 push 0
113.text:0045A91B add ecx, 0FFFFFFE6h
114.text:0045A91E push ecx
115.text:0045A91F push esi
116.text:0045A920 add edx, 1Ah
117.text:0045A923 push eax
118.text:0045A924 jmp short loc_45A932