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Output for configure.

1Running ScummVM configure...
2Looking for C++ compiler... g++
3Checking for compiler version... 4.4.5, ok
4Checking for whether -Wglobal-constructors work... no
5Checking endianness... little
6Type with 1 byte... char
7Type with 2 bytes... short
8Type with 4 bytes... int
9Compiling for x86... no
10Checking hosttype... linux-gnu
11Alignment required... no
12Checking whether to have a verbose build... no
13Checking whether building plugins was requested... no
14Checking for Ogg Vorbis... yes
15Checking for Tremor... no (Ogg Vorbis/Tremor support is mutually exclusive)
16Checking for FLAC >= 1.0.1... no
17Checking for MAD... no
18Checking for ALSA >= 0.9... yes
19Checking for PNG >= 1.2.8... yes
20Checking for libtheoradec >= 1.0... yes
21Checking for SEQ MIDI... yes
22Checking for TiMidity... yes
23Checking for zlib... yes
24Checking for libmpeg2 >= 0.3.2... no
25Checking for libfluidsynth... no
26Checking for readline... skipping (text console disabled)
27Checking for OpenGL... yes
28Building translation support... yes (with runtime language detection)
29Backend... sdl, 16bit color, HQ scalers
30Looking for sdl-config... /usr/bin/sdl-config
32Engines (builtin):
33 SCUMM [v0-v6 games] [v7 & v8 games]
35 Mohawk
36 Broken Sword
37 Broken Sword II
38 Broken Sword 2.5
39 Tinsel
41Engines Skipped:
42 SCUMM [HE71+ games]
43 AGI
44 AGOS [AGOS 2 games]
45 Cinematique evo 1
46 Cinematique evo 2
47 Dragon History
48 Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back
49 Gobli*ns
50 Groovie [Groovie 2 games]
51 Hugo Trilogy
52 Legend of Kyrandia [Lands of Lore]
53 The Last Express
54 Lure of the Temptress
55 M4/MADS
56 Parallaction
57 Flight of the Amazon Queen
59 SCI [SCI32 games]
60 Beneath a Steel Sky
61 Teen Agent
62 TestBed: the Testing framework
63 Toonstruck
64 Touche: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer
65 Bud Tucker in Double Trouble
68Creating config.h
69Creating config.mk