Ticket #3377: scummvm_stdout.txt

File scummvm_stdout.txt, 837 bytes (added by SF/stimmscumm, 17 years ago)
1Using configuration file: scummvm.ini
2Sound opened OK, mixing at 11025 Hz
3Lost mouse focus.
4Got mouse focus.
5Looking for sword1
6Trying to start game 'Broken Sword 1: The Shadow of the Templars'
7Sound opened OK, mixing at 11025 Hz
8Lost mouse focus.
9Key down 154 application 1
10Key up 154 application 1
11Key down 154 application 1
12Key up 154 application 1
13Creating MPEG cutscene player (16-bit)
14Key down 154 application 1
15Key up 154 application 1
16Key down 1B back
17Key up 1B back
18Using MP3 compressed Speech Cluster
19Key down 13F right meta
20Key up 13F right meta
21Key down 13F right meta
22Key up 13F right meta
23Key down 1B back
24Key up 1B back
25Key down 13F right meta
26Key up 13F right meta
27Key down 13F right meta
28Key up 13F right meta
29Key down 1B back
30Key up 1B back
31Key down 13F right meta
32Key up 13F right meta