Ticket #14462: stark-d6-ibook-g4-opengl13.txt

File stark-d6-ibook-g4-opengl13.txt, 850 bytes (added by dwatteau, 10 months ago)

ScummVM -d6 output on the iBook G4 with OpenGL 1.3

1Debuglevel (from command line): 6
2Using SDL Video Driver "Quartz"
3OpenGL: GL context initialized
4OpenGL version: 1.3 ATI-1.4.18
5OpenGL vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
6OpenGL renderer: ATI Radeon 9200 OpenGL Engine
7OpenGL: version 1.3
8OpenGL: GLSL version string: 1.10
9OpenGL: GLSL version: 0
10OpenGL: Max texture size: 2048
11OpenGL: NPOT texture support: 0
12OpenGL: Shader support: 0
13OpenGL: Shader support for engines: 0
14OpenGL: Multitexture support: 1
15OpenGL: FBO support: 0
16OpenGL: Multisample FBO support: 0
17OpenGL: Multisample max number: -1
18OpenGL: Packed pixels support: 1
19OpenGL: Packed depth stencil support: 0
20OpenGL: Unpack subimage support: 1
21OpenGL: OpenGL ES depth 24 support: 0
22OpenGL: Texture edge clamping support: 1
23OpenGL: Texture border clamping support: 1
24OpenGL: Texture mirror repeat support: 1
25OpenGL: Texture max level support: 1