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     1= The Trac Configuration File =
     3 ''[Note To Editors] Please discuss documentation changes in the [#Discussion] section. Even better, send us [trac:TracDev/SubmittingPatches documentation patches] against the ''code'' (i.e. where the configuration entries are documented), either on Trac-dev or on new tickets. ''
     8Trac configuration is done by editing the '''`trac.ini`''' config file, located in `<projectenv>/conf/trac.ini`.  Changes to the configuration are usually reflected immediately, though changes to the `[components]` or `[logging]` sections will require restarting the web server. You may also need to restart the web server after creating a global configuration file when none was previously present.
     10The `trac.ini` configuration file and its parent directory should be writable by the web server, as Trac currently relies on the possibility to trigger a complete environment reload to flush its caches.
     12== Global Configuration ==
     14In versions prior to 0.11, the global configuration was by default located in `$prefix/share/trac/conf/trac.ini` or `/etc/trac/trac.ini`, depending on the distribution. If you're upgrading, you may want to specify that file to inherit from.  Literally, when you're upgrading to 0.11, you have to add an `[inherit]` section to your project's `trac.ini` file. Additionally, you have to move your customized templates and common images from `$prefix/share/trac/...` to the new location.
     16Global options will be merged with the environment-specific options, where local options override global options. The options file is specified as follows:
     19file = /path/to/global/trac.ini
     21Multiple files can be specified using a comma-separated list.
     23Note that you can also specify a global option file when creating a new project,  by adding the option `--inherit=/path/to/global/trac.ini` to [TracAdmin#initenv trac-admin]'s `initenv` command.  If you do not do this but nevertheless intend to use a global option file with your new environment, you will have to go through the newly generated `conf/trac.ini` file and delete the entries that will otherwise override those set in the global file.
     25There are two more entries in the [[#inherit-section| [inherit] ]] section, `templates_dir` for sharing global templates and `plugins_dir`, for sharing plugins. Those entries can themselves be specified in the shared configuration file, and in fact, configuration files can even be chained if you specify another `[inherit] file` there.
     27Note that the templates found in the `templates/` directory of the TracEnvironment have precedence over those found in `[inherit] templates_dir`. In turn, the latter have precedence over the installed templates, so be careful about what you put there, notably if you override a default template be sure to refresh your modifications when you upgrade to a new version of Trac (the preferred way to perform TracInterfaceCustomization being still to write a custom plugin doing an appropriate `ITemplateStreamFilter` transformation).
     29== Reference for settings
     31This is a brief reference of available configuration options, and their default settings.
     33 ''Note that the [hg], [spam-filter], [translatedpages], [vote], [wikiextras] and [wikiextras-symbols] sections below are added by plugins enabled on this Trac, and therefore won't be part of a default installation.''
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     45== Discussion ==
     46''Please discuss documentation changes here. Even better, send us documentation patches against the code, either on Trac-dev or on new tickets.''
     50See also: TracGuide, TracAdmin, TracEnvironment