20:00 Ticket #11192 (PINK: Missing character in menus) created by henke37
The menus in PINK have some sort of unhandled character in the menus. …
07:28 Ticket #11191 (Testbed lacks a test for TTS) closed by criezy
invalid: Testbed does have tests for TTS, although they are obviously only …
01:42 Ticket #11191 (Testbed lacks a test for TTS) created by henke37
The testbed engine should include a test for TTS support.


12:51 Ticket #11190 (ILLUSIONS: Duckman Demo - Menu ID 00180008 not found!) created by bgK
ScummVM 0390cfe649ab784a18d52b2dbcd190a868207734 Duckman demo from …


20:17 Ticket #11189 (Unknown game variant for SAGA [inherit the earth]) closed by sev-
wontfix: These md5 belong to the trial version, and we do not support it due to …
19:50 Ticket #11188 (Drascula Russian Packet) closed by sev-
outdated: Not supported by what version? Exactly this entry was added in …
12:51 Ticket #11100 (Unknown game variant for Police Quest SWAT) closed by bluegr
12:50 Ticket #11174 (SCI: Hoyle 5 Bridge - save hand doesn't work) closed by bluegr


19:12 Ticket #11189 (Unknown game variant for SAGA [inherit the earth]) created by theruler
That's the digital download version 1.8.1 from wyrmkeep site: …


14:30 Ticket #11188 (Drascula Russian Packet) created by TrupSteam
Hi! Russian …


16:54 Ticket #11186 (SUPERNOVA: Can't start with current supernova.dat) closed by windlepoons
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