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BLADERUNNER: Errors and issues with subtitles v7

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Subtitles v7 was uploaded on July 8th, 2022 on the ScummVM website.

The file includes the Italian and German full transcripts from Nightdive, as well as many corrections and improvements to the rest of the transcripts (English, French, Spanish).

Since the changes in this version are quite significant, we expect feedback from users for corrections, so I'm opening this ticket to track any comments.

An early comment was posted on the GOG forums:

A few errors in the Italian version:

  • Clicking on the crowd outside the animal store: Deckard makes a "Mmph..." sound, but it's subtitled as "Molto" with no full stop.
  • The "Mmph..." sound seems to be re-used (I got it again picking up a dog toy in the animal store). Once again, it was subtitled as "Molto".
  • When talking to the cop outside the animal store: Deckard will ask "Ti sentiresti allo stesso modo, se si trattasse dei tuoi animali? Quanti sospetti?" but it's subtitled as "Quanti erano?"
  • Coming out of the animal shop, the protagonist says: "Non quadrava. La mancanza di un qualsiasi furto. L'uccisione di animali." in the subtitles "Non quadrava. La mancanza di qualsiasi furto. La mancanza di animali." (misses "un" and changes "L'uccisione" with "La mancanza")
  • In the same dialogue, later: "...un bel po' di soldi" becomes "...un bel di soldi" in the subtitles (misses " po' ").
  • in the lab, when talking about the shells found at the animal shop, Dino will say at some point: "...Questi bambini sono..." in the subtitles they missed a space "...Questi bambinisono..."
  • When talking in the lab about the animals, there seems to be a voiced line missing (don't know if it's a bug, but it does have subtitles): when describing the injuries, Dino has a long line, and the part that starts with "Tagli da coltello irregolari..." is missing the audio, so the scene moves on without some details (even when listening in the kia, the line ends at the same point, but shows the full subtitles).
  • Talking in the lab about the black marks on the hydrant: Decker at one point asks "Sei sicuro?" but the subtitles read "Sicura?"
  • Random TV banter when entering the shooting range floor. When the news mentions retiring nexus 5 models, there is a chunk of subtitles missing at the end of a line: "...Ma solo che il modello da intrattenimento" *end in the subtitles* "non era divertente come doveva essere." *end of voice acting* we might want a comma after "intrattenimento", but I am not certain.
  • Other random tv banter about crime rising. The line "La criminalità organizzata..." "...di un inquietante 26" is missing either the word "percento" or the percentage symbol "%", after "26", together with a comma;

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comment:1 by antoniou79, 20 months ago

For (future) version 8:
Fixed Italian quote (00-4525):

From: Ti sentiresti allo stesso modo se si trattasse dei tuoi animali? Quanti erano?
To: Ti sentiresti allo stesso modo, se si trattasse dei tuoi animali? Quanti sospetti?

And Italian quote (00-8525):

From: Molto
To: Hmph.
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comment:2 by antoniou79, 20 months ago

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comment:3 by antoniou79, 20 months ago

I've re-checked all the rest of the special cases we have for localization.

It's possible that we have not caught them all in our code, but all that are caught, were ok in French and Spanish.

I've now fixed them in German and Italian for (future) version 8 of the subtitles.

comment:4 by antoniou79, 20 months ago

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comment:5 by antoniou79, 20 months ago

More fixes for (future) version 8:
Fixed Italian quotes:

From: Sicura?
To: Sei sicuro?

From: No, il problema non è un’eventuale minaccia incombente, ma solo che il modello da intrattenimento
To: No, il problema non è un’eventuale minaccia incombente, ma solo che il modello da intrattenimento non era divertente come doveva essere.

From: La criminalità urbana è aumentata nell'ultimo anno di un inquietante 26
To: La criminalità urbana è aumentata nell'ultimo anno di un inquietante 26 percento,

comment:6 by antoniou79, 20 months ago

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comment:7 by antoniou79, 20 months ago

Fixed the following new reported cases:

28-0030 When talking to the owner of the sushi place, you can ask him about the chopsticks. The end of his line should be "...forniture del ristorante di Yoshi." but it's "...forniture di ristorante di Yoshi." in the subtitles;

01-3640 When listening to the Grigorian interrogation B, at one point he says something like "...Gente che ha grandi fondi e liquidi." Steele replies "Quali?" but in the subtitles, you find "Ad esempio?";

00-0690 McCoy final line is "Colpito." but in the subtitles, it appears as "Ho capito." Funnily enough, the voice is wrong, and "Ho capito." actually makes more sense, so I don't know if it should be changed. (note: better to have it match the voiced quote, so we fixed it to "Colpito")

99-1280 When you go to your bedroom, after killing the guy, you get a piece of inner monologue from McCoy. At one point he says "La maggior parte di quelli della generazione tre," but the subtitles read "La maggior parte della generazione tre," dropping "di quelli".

00-2680 The call after the cutscene has McCoy answering with "Rispondi." but being subtitled as "Rispondere.";

04-0040 Later on he asks "Dentro?" and the reply is "Esatto." but it gets subtitled as "Esattamente.";

04-0070 The lieutenant says "Ma il servizio di sicurezza di Tyrell" but it reads "Il servizio di sicurezza di Tyrell" missing the "Ma" at the start;

When you go to sleep, a cutscene starts for the murder of the gravity guy:
401-463   One of the lines say "Quando ti dico gira.." but is subtitled as "Quando dico gira";

564-623   Afterward he says "è un cane" subtitled as "ha un cane";

1372-1447 other guy in the cutscene says "Ti puliranno via dalla sede" but reads "Ti puliranno via dalla sedia";

1513-1561 Afterward, he also says "Tu mi dirai" but it reads "Tu mi darai";

comment:8 by antoniou79, 20 months ago

More Italian subs fixed

17-0020 When arriving to the Tyrell building the guard tells you "Queste sono le riprese delle telecamere..." But it reads "Queste sono le riprese della telecamera..."

00-5290 When entering the murder scene at Tyrell building, McCoy says "Mio dio.", but it's subtitled as "Cielo."

37-0040 When you talk to the guy taking pictures at the same crime scene, he replies to McCoy's request with "Ci può contare." but it's subtitled as "Assolutamente."

99-4280 Picking up a dépliant at the same crime scene it says "...per buttare per terra alle fiere." but reads "...per gettare per terra alle fiere."

99-4290 In the same object description, you hear "...per divertire le truppe..." but it's subtitled as "...per istruire le truppe..."

01-3410 Listening to Steele's Grigorian interrogation A: at one point she says "Cittadini contro..." but in the subtitles it starts with "Un'associazione dei cittadini contro" "Un'associazione dei" shouldn't be there;

14-0790 Asking to bob about the test: voice: "Tu pensi che io sia un replicante" subs: "tu pensi che sia un replicante"

Talking to Bullet Bob about Ender weapons:
14-0230 1) voice: "...e una discreta potenza di fuoco..." subs: "...e discreta potenza di fuoco..."
14-0850  Ah sì? È come? From: Ah sì? Cioè?
00-5025 2) voice: "Cioè?" subs: "Ah sì?"
00-5030 3) voice: "Già. La Terra non se li merita." subs: "Si. La Terra non se li merita."

Talking to Bullett Bob after asking about weapon and Hasan:
00-5065 voice: "Davvero?" subs: "E' così?"
00-4880 voice: "Davvero?" subs: "E' così?"
00-4105 È così? --> E con ciò

Testing Bob:
14-0910 1) voice:"Dovrei sedermi in qualche modo particolare" subs:"in UN qualche modo particolare"
14-1750 2) voice: "Non se ne parla, ho scontato la pena" subs: "Te lo puoi scordare, ho scontato la pena"
00-7405 3) voice: "Sta piangendo. Perchè?" subs: "Sta piangendo. E perchè?"

01-3330 Listening to Steele's notes about the bombing: The voice only contains "Ci vorrà circa un giorno per analizzare i rottami," while the rest of the line, starting with "ma nella mia mente..." has no audio;
01-3480 Later on, she says "Non dovrei stare qui a farmi il mazzo" The rest of the line ("...se li si eliminasse...") has no audio;

comment:9 by antoniou79, 20 months ago

A few more fixes for Italian:

00-4330 voice: "Vediamo." subs: "Mettimi alla prova."

52-0200, 00-0855 Talking to the "eye engineer": voice: "Da dove vieni?" "Cosa?" subs: "Da dove vieni?" "Che cosa?"

35-0040 Talking to Moraji: voice: "DNA" subs: "DDNA"

99-1490 Entering Early Q for the first time: voice: "era solito definirsi" subs: "usava si definiva"
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comment:10 by antoniou79, 20 months ago

A final (for now) batch of fixes for Italian subtitles:

00-8935 Talking to the dancer in the Early Q, voice: "Come ti chiami?" subs: "Qual'è il suo nome?" 

42-0030 Having a few drinks in the Early Q, the bartender will eventually say: "Due alle dieci, dieci alle due." subs: "Se dieci alle due."

00-7070 First conversation with Sebastian (at the end): voice "Va bene." subs "Ricevuto."

56-0480 Asking Sebastian about the twins: voice: "Quasi quanto lo è" subs: "Quasi come lo è"

22-0050 "un mucchio di cose" subs: "un sacco di cose"

00-1850 First conversation with crazylegs: voice: "Ricevuto." subs: "Ho capito."

09-0390 second meeting with crazylegs: voice: "anche me la notte" subs: "anche a me la notte"

00-3210 voice: "Ehi, bello." subs: "Ehi, Amico."
57-0120 voice: "Giusto." subs: "Esattamente." (...)
02-0730 voice: "Bene, bene." subs: "Esattamente."

00-6130 voice: "Va bene. Ray McCoy..." subs: "Esattamente. Ray McCoy..."
33-0050 voice: "Andiamo." subs: "Andiamocene."

00-5795 voice: "E con ciò?" subs: "E allora?"
00-5800 voice: "...possono essere alterate" subs: "...possono essere ritoccate"

00-4595 voice: "Resti in zona." subs: "Resta da queste parti."  (REVERSED)

53-0170 Talking with Gaff after exiting the sewers: voice: "Ci sto pensando." "Ci pensi bene." subs: "Ci sto pensando." "Sembra difficile."

00-2545 Talk with Lucy at the phone: voice: "Che succede?" subs: "Che sta succedendo?" (REVERSED)

06-0030 voice: "Si lo è." subs: "Lo so."
00-1435 voice: "Ti mancherà?" subs: "Ne sentirai la mancanza?"
00-6230 voice: "Che c'è?" subs: "Che cosa?" (...)
01-0260 subs: "Ci rivedremo Molto presto" (Molto shouldn't be capitalized)
06-0420 voice: "Possiamo morire assieme, sull'onda del nostro amore infinito." subs: "Possiamo morire assieme La sola cosa che sentiremo sarà l'amore che abbiamo l'una per l'altro."
00-1805 voice: "Ora!" subs: "Adesso!"

06-0670 voice: "Sono io." subs: "Si, lo sono." (s"ono io" is sadly a mistranslation, and the subs have the one which makes sense) -> We keep the mistranscripted subtitles, since they make sense, whereas the audio quote does not, and there does not seem to be an alternative quote of Lucy's to use there.

00-5410 voice: "Giusto." subs: "Va bene." (...)

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comment:11 by antoniou79, 19 months ago

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I've gone through all of the in-game transcript quotes for Italian and German, fixing any obvious errors, like missing words, sentences that don't belong, sentences that don't agree with the transcript, missing transcripted quotes etc.

All of these fixes, including the ones mentioned in the above comments, are now part of the version 8 for the Blade Runner subtitles which went live today.

Closing this ticket, since it has fulfilled its purpose.

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