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    12261226Savegames are by default put in the current directory on some platforms
    12271227and preset directories on others.  You can specify the save in the
    12281228config file by setting the savepath parameter. See the example config
    1229 file later in this readme.
     1229file later in this README.
    12311231The platforms that currently have a different default directory are:
    12321232    Mac OS X:     $HOME/Documents/ScummVM Savegames/
    15411541dmedia_port to your sequencer port. The default is to use the first port.
    15431543To get a list of configured midi interfaces on your system, run startmidi
    1544 without parameters. Exaple output:
     1544without parameters. Example output:
    15461546  2 MIDI interfaces configured:
    15471547          Serial Port 2
    20132013  Maemo:
    20142014    * Get Scratchbox environment with Maemo 2.2 rootstrap (2.2 is for 770 and up)
    2015     * Install limbad, Tremor, FLAC, libmpeg2 from source
     2015    * Install libmad, Tremor, FLAC, libmpeg2 from source
    20162016    * patch scummvm source (some stuff is currently too dirty to be in svn directly)
    20172017      patch -p1 < backends/platform/maemo/scummvm-0.11.0-maemo.patch
    20182018    * go to backends/platform/maemo
  • gui/launcher.cpp

    646646        // 1) show a dir selection dialog which lets the user pick the directory
    647647        //    the game data resides in.
    648648        // 2) try to auto detect which game is in the directory, if we cannot
    649         //    determine it uniquely preent a list of candidates to the user
     649        //    determine it uniquely present a list of candidates to the user
    650650        //    to pick from
    651651        // 3) Display the 'Edit' dialog for that item, letting the user specify
    652652        //    an alternate description (to distinguish multiple versions of the