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Unix manual

  • scummvm.6

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    1414is an interpreter that will play graphic adventure games
    15 based an a variety of game engines.
     15based on a variety of game engines.
    1616.Bl -tag -width Ds
    1717.It Fl F
    1818Force windowed mode.
    172172by default.
    173173.It Fl -demo-mode
    174174Start demo mode of Maniac Mansion.
     175.It Fl -enable-gs
     176Enable Roland GS mode for MIDI playback.
     177.It Fl -extrapath= Ns Ar path
     178Look for additional game data in
     179.Ar path .
    175180.It Fl -joystick= Ns Ar num
    176181Enable input with joystick (default: 0 = first joystick).
    177182.It Fl -multi-midi
    178183Enable combination Adlib and native MIDI.
    179184.It Fl -native-mt32
    180185True Roland MT-32 MIDI (disable GM emulation).
     186.It Fl --render-mode= Ns Ar mode
     187Enable additional render
     188.Ar mode
     189(cga, ega, hercGreen, hercAmber, amiga).
     190.It Fl -platform= Ns Ar plat
     191Specify original platform of game.
    181192.It Fl -output-rate= Ns Ar rate
    182193Set output sample rate in Hz to
    183194.Ar rate
    184195(e.g. 22050).
    185 .It Fl -platform= Ns Ar plat
    186 Specify original platform of game.
    187196.It Fl -savepath= Ns Ar path
    188197Look for savegames in
    189198.Ar path .
     199.It Fl -soundfont= Ns Ar fILE
     200Select the SoundFont for MIDI playback (only supported by some MIDI drivers).
    190201.It Fl -talkspeed= Ns Ar speed
    191202Set talk speed to
    192203.Ar speed
    261272.Sh AUTHORS
    262273This manual page written by Jonathan Gray <khalek at scummvm.org>.
    263274ScummVM was written by the ScummVM team.
    264 See
    265 .Pa http://www.scummvm.org
    266 for more information.
     275See AUTHORS file for more information.