Ticket #8863: scummvm-targetcheck.patch

File scummvm-targetcheck.patch, 609 bytes (added by SF/leggewie, 13 years ago)
  • scummvm-0.9.1

    diff -uNr scummvm-0.9.1.vanilla/configure scummvm-0.9.1/configure
    old new  
    763763                        type_2_byte='short'
    764764                        type_4_byte='int'
    765765                        ;;
    766                 arm-linux|arm-*-linux-gnueabi)
     766                arm-linux|arm*-linux-gnueabi|arm-*-linux|*-angstrom-linux)
    767767                        echo "Cross-compiling to $_host, forcing endianness, alignment and type sizes"
    768768                        DEFINES="$DEFINES -DUNIX"
    769769                        #not true for all ARM systems, but the interesting ones are all LE. Most (if not all) BE arm devices don't have a screen