Ticket #2746: 3.log

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scummvm -d3 feeble

1Debuglevel (from command line): 3
2Reading section: [XxY]
3Reading section: [chooser]
4Reading section: [graphicsControls]
5Reading section: [audioControls]
6Reading section: [volumeControls]
7Reading section: [subtitleControls]
8Reading section: [midiControls]
9Reading section: [graphicsControls]
10Reading section: [audioControls]
11Reading section: [volumeControls]
12Reading section: [subtitleControls]
13Reading section: [midiControls]
14Reading section: [scummmain]
15Reading section: [volumeControls]
16Reading section: [subtitleControls]
17Number of variables: 1247
18Reading section: [XxY]
19Reading section: [pixmaps]
20Reading section: [colors]
21Reading section: [gradients]
22Reading section: [extra]
23Reading section: [chooser]
24Reading section: [scummmain]
25Reading section: [graphicsControls]
26Reading section: [audioControls]
27Reading section: [volumeControls]
28Reading section: [subtitleControls]
29Reading section: [midiControls]
30Reading section: [graphicsControls]
31Reading section: [audioControls]
32Reading section: [volumeControls]
33Reading section: [subtitleControls]
34Reading section: [midiControls]
35Reading section: [scummmain]
36Reading section: [volumeControls]
37Reading section: [subtitleControls]
38Number of variables: 2023
39File dialog_bkgd_corner.bmp not found
40File dialog_bkgd_top.bmp not found
41File dialog_bkgd_left.bmp not found
42File dialog_bkgd.bmp not found
43File widget_bkgd_corner.bmp not found
44File widget_bkgd_top.bmp not found
45File widget_bkgd_left.bmp not found
46File widget_bkgd.bmp not found
47File checkbox_empty.bmp not found
48File checkbox_checked.bmp not found
49File widget_arrow.bmp not found
50File button_bkgd_corner.bmp not found
51File button_bkgd_top.bmp not found
52File button_bkgd_left.bmp not found
53File button_bkgd.bmp not found
54File widget_small_bkgd_corner.bmp not found
55File widget_small_bkgd_top.bmp not found
56File widget_small_bkgd_left.bmp not found
57File widget_small_bkgd.bmp not found
58File logo.bmp not found
59File cursor.bmp not found
60File helvr12-l1.fcc not found
61File courr12-l1.fcc not found
62Looking for feeble
63Trying to start game 'The Feeble Files'
64Output sample rate: 22050 Hz
65File tbllist. not found
66File game22. not found
67File game32 not found
68File simon.gme not found
69File gfxindex.dat. not found
70File stripped.txt not found
71File game32. not found
72File gdemo. not found
73File graphics.vga. not found
74File gamebase. not found
75File gameamiga not found
76File graphics.vga not found
77File icon.dat not found
78File gsptr30 not found
79File simon.gme. not found
80File icon.pkd not found
81File data. not found
82File stripped.txt. not found
83Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gameuk/GAME22
84Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gameuk/GAME22
85File simon2.gme. not found
86File gamebase not found
87File stripped. not found
88File gamepc not found
89File simon2.gme not found
90File icon.dat. not found
91Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gameuk/TBLLIST
92Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gameuk/TBLLIST
93File icondata. not found
94File icondata not found
95File gameamiga. not found
96File icon.pkd. not found
97File gdemo not found
98File gamepc. not found
99File data not found
100File stripped not found
101Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfxindex.dat
102Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfxindex.dat
103File gsptr30. not found
104Found game: The Feeble Files (English/Amiga/CD)
105Found game: The Feeble Files (English/Windows/2CD)
106Purged The Feeble Files (English/Windows/2CD)
107Running The Feeble Files (English/Amiga/CD)
108Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gameuk/GAME22
109Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gameuk/TBLLIST
110Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfxindex.dat
111Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfx0.vga
112Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfxindex.dat
113Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfx0.vga
114Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/movies/epic.dxa
115Playing video epic.dxa
116frames_count 270 width 384 height 280 rate 15 ticks 66
117Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gameuk/TABLES01
118Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfxindex.dat
119Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfx0.vga
120Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfxindex.dat
121Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfx0.vga
122Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfxindex.dat
123Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfx0.vga
124Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfxindex.dat
125Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfx0.vga
126Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gameuk/setup
127Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfxindex.dat
128Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfx0.vga
129Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfxindex.dat
130Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gfx/gfx0.vga
13100006 00322: 0 0 62: FASTFADEOUT
13200006 00323: 0 0 27: RESET
13300006 00324: 0 0 49: SET_BIT 78
13400006 00327: 0 0 22: SET_PALETTE 0 0
13500006 0032C: 0 0 10: DRAW 1 0 0 0 2
13600006 00336: 0 0 63: FASTFADEIN
13700006 00337: 0 0 00: RET
13800049 0037E: 0 0 62: FASTFADEOUT
13900049 0037F: 0 0 27: RESET
14000049 00380: 0 0 50: CLEAR_BIT 43
14100049 00383: 0 0 00: RET
142Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/gameuk/TABLES21
143Switch to CD number 1
144Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/movies/WINASOFT.dxa
145Playing video winasoft.dxa
146frames_count 300 width 384 height 280 rate 10 ticks 100
147Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/movies/MUSOSP1.dxa
148Playing video musosp1.dxa
149frames_count 750 width 384 height 280 rate 10 ticks 100
150Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/movies/newcredits.dxa
151Playing video NewCredits.dxa
152frames_count 759 width 640 height 480 rate 15 ticks 66
153Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/movies/FASALL.dxa
154Playing video fasall.dxa
155frames_count 1623 width 384 height 280 rate 10 ticks 100
156Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/movies/MUS5P2.dxa
157Playing video mus5p2.dxa
158frames_count 743 width 384 height 280 rate 10 ticks 100
159Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/movies/COACH.dxa
160Playing video Coach.dxa
161frames_count 577 width 384 height 280 rate 10 ticks 100
162Opening hashed: FEEBLE1:data/movies/OUTMIN~1.dxa
163Playing video OutMin~1.dxa
164frames_count 495 width 384 height 280 rate 10 ticks 100
165Invalid opcode '0' encountered
166Reading section: [XxY]
167Reading section: [chooser]
168Reading section: [graphicsControls]
169Reading section: [audioControls]
170Reading section: [volumeControls]
171Reading section: [subtitleControls]
172Reading section: [midiControls]
173Reading section: [graphicsControls]
174Reading section: [audioControls]
175Reading section: [volumeControls]
176Reading section: [subtitleControls]
177Reading section: [midiControls]
178Reading section: [scummmain]
179Reading section: [volumeControls]
180Reading section: [subtitleControls]
181Number of variables: 1247
182Reading section: [XxY]
183Reading section: [pixmaps]
184Reading section: [colors]
185Reading section: [gradients]
186Reading section: [extra]
187Reading section: [chooser]
188Reading section: [scummmain]
189Reading section: [graphicsControls]
190Reading section: [audioControls]
191Reading section: [volumeControls]
192Reading section: [subtitleControls]
193Reading section: [midiControls]
194Reading section: [graphicsControls]
195Reading section: [audioControls]
196Reading section: [volumeControls]
197Reading section: [subtitleControls]
198Reading section: [midiControls]
199Reading section: [scummmain]
200Reading section: [volumeControls]
201Reading section: [subtitleControls]
202Number of variables: 2023