20:06 Ticket #14688 (ULTIMA6: Game crashes upon load) created by bliznik
Another issue with Ultima 6, but in the normal release. If you load a …
19:38 Ticket #14687 (ULTIMA6: Game crashes) created by bliznik
Using the latest development build 2.8.0git9207-g77dc8caa9f0 (Nov 8 …
10:59 Ticket #14664 (Unknown game variant for glk) closed by tag2015
fixed: Merged, thanks!
06:56 Ticket #14636 (GLK: GLULX: Unknown game variants) closed by raziel-
fixed: and merged Thank you :-)


20:21 Ticket #14686 (MM1 Still some inconsistency on QuickRef page) created by TiCoKH
I investigated further the QuickRef screen: Rest not full healed is …


11:29 Ticket #14682 (NANCY: SKC: Crash when talking to Connie) closed by fracturehill
10:11 Ticket #14640 (SCI: ECOQUEST2: nothing happens when the Ecorder displays "printing") closed by bluegr
fixed: We don't support printing in ScummVM, plus this is an extremely rare …
09:44 Ticket #14685 (Unknown game variant for cruise) created by Casagrande76
The game in 'Cruise for a Corpse\' seems to be an unknown game …


12:58 Ticket #13600 (NANCY: Unknown game variant for Nancy Drew Danger on Deception Island) closed by fracturehill
outdated: With the recent changes to detection code that allow scanning inside …
10:14 Ticket #14676 (Audio Device Error) closed by tag2015


13:32 Ticket #14637 (AGS: Pleurghburg: Dark Ages crashes on startup) closed by tag2015
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