21:54 Ticket #12823 (DIRECTOR: Jewels of the Oracle crashing with getAt) closed by rvanlaar
fixed: Marking the issue as fixed. Please do create a new one for the missing …
21:25 Ticket #13301 (Unknown game variant for director - Kings of the Ice) closed by jamie-marchant
wontfix: Director 8 is not yet supported.
21:24 Ticket #13300 (Unknown game variant for director - The Renaissance Winds Of Change) closed by jamie-marchant
wontfix: I'm closing this for now as it's the wrong version of Director.
18:16 Ticket #13358 (SHERLOCK: ROSETATTOO: Glitch when removing the beam with the chain) created by eriktorbjorn
In The Case of the Rose Tattoo, when removing the beam with the chain …
18:11 Ticket #13357 (SHERLOCK: ROSETATTOO: Music notes sometimes left hanging) created by eriktorbjorn
The Case of the Rose Tattoo, English version Latest development …
12:19 Ticket #13356 (GUI: Add the ability to sort by year of release) created by Tucky27
Currently in ScummVM you have the ability to sort alphabetically but …


07:54 Ticket #13248 (WEB: "HOWTO-LoomTG16" is out of date (new Linux extraction script included)) closed by eriktorbjorn
fixed: Everything should be updated now, I hope.
07:42 Ticket #13313 (WEB: "HOWTO-FMT FNT" is out of date) closed by eriktorbjorn
fixed: The link has been updated.


11:16 Ticket #13354 (MI1: Guybrush can hold his breath for longer than 10 minutes.) closed by eriktorbjorn
fixed: I've committed the changes from my pull request, which seem to be …


08:42 Ticket #4906 (TOOLS: Voice Cut-Off with LAME compressed .bun files) closed by AndywinXp
outdated: Compression of BUN files is no longer supported in the current master, …
08:40 Ticket #4911 (SCUMM: COMI - crash on 1-st scene (Russian version)) closed by AndywinXp


22:00 Ticket #13347 (Unknown game variant for ags (Blackwell Epiphany 2.3 Mac)) closed by criezy
outdated: Thank you. But this detection was already added just over a month ago :-)
20:20 Ticket #13203 (Opera Fatal (Director 4) loading issue) closed by sev-
fixed: This was fixed, thank you for reporting.
17:14 Ticket #13355 (Options for "Capture mouse" and "Screenshot Path" in GUI) created by LukasThyWalls
Hello. Simply to add two new options in the GUI: - Default state of …
13:25 Ticket #13354 (MI1: Guybrush can hold his breath for longer than 10 minutes.) created by ffyte
When Fester throws you off the dock, you should be able to hold your …
00:48 Ticket #13353 (DIRECTOR: Fore Lift loop in Spaceship Warlock (Win)) created by plancsar
When trying to use the Fore Lift from the Upper Deck or Engineering, …


23:27 Ticket #12895 (GLK: ZCODE - Unknown game variants) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for the report. Apologies for the delay.
23:09 Ticket #13349 (GLK: ZCode: Add detection code for Le Cercle des Gros Geeks disparus ...) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for the report.
16:06 Ticket #13352 (GROOVIE: The 11th Hour - Crash when leaving the Doll Room) created by Choucas06
Hello, When leaving the doll room, the 11th hour crashes most of the …
06:51 Ticket #13351 (Broken rendering in GRIM on AmigaOS4 with all shaders disabled when ...) created by kas1e
We found that right after this commit: …
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