12:06 Ticket #13080 (AUDIO: DiMuse - Stuttering sound when manually changing audio_buffer_size) created by raziel-
ScummVM 2.6.0git (Nov 18 2021 10:36:00) Features compiled in: Vorbis …
00:13 Ticket #13065 (SCUMM: Incorrect screen shaking) closed by athrxx
fixed: Okay, sometimes I can even answer my own questions. o8_roomOps() does …


12:04 Ticket #13079 (DIRECTOR: Support for game I SPY Treasure hunt) created by Ilia1
When starting the game […] Please help me run this game through …
04:40 Ticket #13078 (GLK: alan - Unknown game variant) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for the report


22:51 Ticket #13058 (SCUMM: DIG: Music stops playing after some time) closed by AndywinXp
fixed: Since this is now fixed both into the 2.5.x branch and the master …
20:55 Ticket #13072 (BLADERUNNER: Broken Officer Leary talk animations) closed by antoniou79
I just tested with an development build from our buildbot. I should …
19:07 Ticket #13066 (TWINE: Game is slow when VSYNC is ON) closed by mgerhardy


15:55 Ticket #13078 (GLK: alan - Unknown game variant) created by raziel-
New addition to ifarchive.org "The Wyldkynd Project", "The Wyldkynd …
11:07 Ticket #13077 (GRIM: SCUMMVM ask for gfupd101.exe even if game files are already patched) created by danorf69
Playin the CD Original French Version of the game, with Scummvm 2.5.0 …
00:46 Ticket #12294 (Unknown game variant for glk) closed by sev-
00:45 Ticket #11994 (Mixed Up Mother Goose AGI Amiga - Unknown game variant for agi) closed by sev-


19:53 Ticket #13071 (NGI: Full Pipe - Constant (huge) memory loss on switching rooms) closed by bluegr
Great! Thanks for the feedback, glad it's sorted :)
02:44 Ticket #11085 (SCI: KQ6 Mac QuickTime intro movie freezes) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Two years later... There were two bugs preventing correct playback. A …
01:49 Ticket #13076 (MACOS: ScummVM for macOS associates itself with Xcode project files) created by kode54
ScummVM 2.5.0 for macOS, when installed on macOS Monterey, associates …
00:28 Ticket #13075 (MACOS: OpenGL - Mouse cursor gets stuck around the edges in fullscreen mode) created by dfabulich
In ScummVM 2.5.0, in all games, in full screen mode, if I move my …


16:34 Ticket #13074 (PRINCE: Timing issue / Scene skipping) created by Balduranne
ScummVM 2.5.0 English and Polish Win10 PC - GOG version of the game, …
13:58 Ticket #13073 (BACKENDS: SDL: Strange initSizeHint() behavior) created by eriktorbjorn
I have the current setup: I'm using the "SDL Surface" graphics mode …
10:55 Ticket #13072 (BLADERUNNER: Broken Officer Leary talk animations) created by jakejakejake123
In the original version of the blade runner game Officer Leary moved …
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