18:41 Ticket #4776 (SCUMM: FREDDI1 - Graphical Glitch in opening cutscene) closed by BenCastricum
fixed: PR got accepted
05:54 Ticket #12930 (NEVERHOOD: Game can crash on exit (both demo and full game)) created by eriktorbjorn
If I walk around outside near the monster cave in the big demo, …


19:29 Ticket #12929 (TOON: Idle animations do not loop) created by NMIError
In the original interpreter, the idle animations seem to loop a …
19:24 Ticket #12883 (TOON: Add support for English demo version) closed by NMIError
06:20 Ticket #12928 (DIRECTOR: unknown game variant, Jönssonligan - Jakten på Mjölner) created by frakswe
WARNING: Director fallback detection v7.0.2r85! Matched game IDs for …


19:09 Ticket #12927 (Missing AGS games: "Broken Windows - Chapter 2 / 3") created by tag2015
ScummVM correctly detects the first Broken Windows, but the two …
17:30 Ticket #12926 (WME: Unicode conversion code is not DFSG compliant) created by ccawley2011
The downstream packages from Debian currently disable the Wintermute …
09:00 Ticket #12925 (AGS: Time Gentlemen, Please visual differences with standalone version ...) created by antoniou79
Tested in Windows local build from latest master: ScummVM 2.4.0git …


22:14 Ticket #12923 (AGS: Time Gentlemen Please failed font related assertion) closed by dreammaster
21:48 Ticket #12919 (AGS: King's Quest III Remake (Infamous Adventures), Rain seems ...) closed by dreammaster
17:50 Ticket #12924 (Dropbox authorization not working) created by maxpower47
Trying to set up a new cloud account for dropbox, going to …
13:28 Ticket #12923 (AGS: Time Gentlemen Please failed font related assertion) created by tag2015
After skipping the initial cutscene, the game crashes with failed …
13:18 Ticket #12922 (AGS: Assertion error in Time Gentlemen Please and Ben There Dan That) created by tag2015
The latest Steam versions of said games crash with the same message: …
13:01 Ticket #12921 (AGS: Puzzle in Apprentice can't be solved) created by tag2015
In the well-known AGS game "Apprentice", there is a timed puzzle that …
09:13 Ticket #12920 (TRECISION: Right-clicking twice on an inventory icon temporarily ...) created by eriktorbjorn
If I open the inventory, then right-click twice on an object (using it …


16:40 Ticket #12919 (AGS: King's Quest III Remake (Infamous Adventures), Rain seems ...) created by eriktorbjorn
In the Infamous Adventures King's Quest III remake [1], the rain …
13:07 Ticket #12905 (AGS: 5daysastranger - music hangs on last note played when using MIDI) closed by NMIError
fixed: This should be fixed in the next daily build. Could you please re-test …
04:49 Ticket #12867 (AGS: Flashlight in Maniac Mansion Deluxe still glitchy) closed by dreammaster


23:54 Ticket #12918 (IOS: iOS 14 mouse support) created by ToBro14
The iOS app is currently missing proper mouse support. When a mouse is …
21:55 Ticket #11198 (SCUMM: COMI - Interacting with dog bowl will cause Guybrush to wander ...) closed by athrxx
17:50 Ticket #12917 (Ultima8 avatar falls through ground when doing the balancing quest for ...) created by jamokoo
you are supposed to stay in the circle while the wind moves you around …
14:07 Ticket #12903 (SCUMM: FT: Sometimes skipping videos occur) closed by athrxx
13:24 Ticket #12880 (ULTIMA8: REMORSE: Ammo should be consumed in higher difficulty levels) closed by mduggan
fixed: Fixed in 5cda13cb40137f04c02c9addd1d27bcaccdc7370.
07:48 Ticket #12901 (SCI: PQ4 (CD): German CD Version crash when entering the options in ...) closed by gabberhead
it works again. tested with the newest daily build. thanx.
01:21 Ticket #12916 (AGI: SQ1 Apple 2GS - Stuck in Alien Head Room after returning orat part) created by Tucky27
Roger gets stuck in Alien Head Room after returning orat part. The …
01:11 Ticket #12915 (SCUMM/HE: Backyard Football 2002) created by ShinAli21
Seems to be an Issue regarding Backyard Football 2002. Upon starting a …
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