23:19 Ticket #12318 (AGS: Resonance: Cursor is invisible) closed by criezy
fixed: Fixed in a1b36bf0de.
23:02 Ticket #12338 (AGS: Quest for Glory II Remake: Cheats (Debug and Battle modes) not working) created by OmerMor
Quest for Glory II Remake has 2 unlockable cheats: Debug Mode and …
22:48 Ticket #12335 (AGS: Quest for Glory II Remake: Import a Hero does not work) closed by OmerMor
Thanks! Verified fix in the latest daily snapshot.
01:58 Ticket #12335 (AGS: Quest for Glory II Remake: Import a Hero does not work) closed by dreammaster


20:06 Ticket #12337 (GUI: Part of game name moving around) closed by lephilousophe
fixed: Should be fixed by db8559ff3e73b5257c1be83a5a1cd4209d118901
19:31 Ticket #12337 (GUI: Part of game name moving around) created by criezy
When adding a prefix such as "[AGS]" to game names, editing the game …
19:08 Ticket #12336 (GUI: Text display issue when editing text) created by criezy
When editing some text, for example in the search box, of the game …
12:32 Ticket #11772 (GRIM: Grim Fandango (German) - Missing md5sum) closed by aquadran
wontfix: we don't support this version.


17:20 Ticket #11981 (TWINE: Manual mode for agressive behaviour doesn't work as expected) closed by vvs-
fixed: Thanks!
13:19 Ticket #6857 (SCUMM: FT, song on Todd's radio restarts when walking between rooms) closed by AndywinXp
08:54 Ticket #12335 (AGS: Quest for Glory II Remake: Import a Hero does not work) created by OmerMor
Running the latest daily build (2021-03-03 01:44:20 downloaded on …


04:05 Ticket #12334 (AGS: Blackwell Deception (Steam, Win): Can't progress past boat sequence) created by Tea23
After completing the boat sequence and Joey and Rosa take a look at …


03:33 Ticket #12333 (AGS: Slowdown when in dialogue in rainy scenes) created by Tea23
When entering the dialogue selection in rainy scenes, such as at the …
02:08 Ticket #12332 (AGS: Blackwell Convergence (Steam, Win): Weird pathing in gallery) created by Tea23
When Rosa examines the paintings that "look like part of a set", and …


05:12 Ticket #12331 (AGS: Blackwell Unbound (Steam, Win): Difficulty selecting the lit ...) created by Tea23
Difficult one to diagnose and may not be reproducible, but I think it …
03:48 Ticket #12330 (AGS: Blackwell Unbound (Steam, Win): Weird pathing in Joseph ...) created by Tea23
After Joseph Mitchell offers Lauren a seat, she walks around (and …
02:20 Ticket #12329 (BACKENDS: IOS: MP3 playback failing, libmad writing out of bounds) created by sluicebox
I've ripped and encoded the King's Quest 6 end credits CD track to …
01:02 Ticket #12328 (AGS: The Shivah Enhanced: Some GUI elements are misaligned) created by Tea23
Screenshots attached. The Yiddish dictionary and the achievements …
00:29 Ticket #12327 (AGS: The Shivah Enhanced: Background music does not play when loading ...) created by Tea23
If you save a game in a location with background music (such as the …
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