23:38 Ticket #11986 (XEEN: Chinese version support) created by trembyle
Chinese (Traditional) releases are currently unsupported. This ticket …
20:40 Ticket #11734 (Compatibility list's links for Details are broken) closed by criezy
outdated: This seems to be fixed. At least the links are correct for me now.
18:48 Ticket #11382 ([Improvement] Evolution of ScummVm) closed by phcoder
fixed: ResidualVM has been merged with scummVM in the dev version


16:02 Ticket #11985 (PETKA: ScummVM doesn't identify the retail 3 CD version of Red Comrades 1) created by StalinEXE
Hello. I have original and legal copy of Red Comrades 1: Save the …


19:30 Ticket #11970 (Starship Titanic - Idle-summon bot timer doesn't disable while on ...) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for the report. I've added in some code to prevent this from …
12:23 Ticket #11983 (Logout link in Trac bugtracker doesn't work) closed by vvs-
duplicate: Yes, thanks. And it's unresolved for a long time.


16:16 Ticket #11960 (BASE: Metaengine - Excluded engine's detection.cpp gets ...) closed by raziel-
invalid: One of those dreaded " do a clean first" type of pitas.
16:07 Ticket #11976 (Versailles 1685: German umlauts) closed by lephilousophe
fixed: Should be fixed with commit 83b7fe01eac2898f96a2d55057be4d83f5cbdb0a
11:47 Ticket #11984 (AGI: Unknown game variant for Troll's Tale) created by Tucky27
The game in '1983 Troll's Tale\' seems to be an unknown game variant. …


17:12 Ticket #11556 (PARALLACTION: Big Red Adventure - Multi-lingual DOS & Demo DOS startup ...) closed by ccawley2011
fixed: This was fixed in commit d20122d916e8fe18dc8855914b0e84c9f5343311.
15:28 Ticket #11983 (Logout link in Trac bugtracker doesn't work) created by vvs-
Pressing "logout" in https://bugs.scummvm.org returns error: "Missing …
15:17 Ticket #11982 (TWINE: Dialogs are slow) created by vvs-
Dialogs and story text are slow and doesn't synchronize with speech. …
15:12 Ticket #11981 (TWINE: Manual mode for agressive behaviour doesn't work as expected) created by vvs-
In manual mode space and arrows should select punches and kicks. …


16:28 Ticket #11977 (TWINE: Arrow keys work erratically in the main menu when mouse is ...) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: Should be fixed now
08:44 Ticket #11975 (TWINE: Pressing action button after dialogue brings up menu instead) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: Should be fixed now - thanks for the report
08:43 Ticket #11978 (TWINE: CD audio restarts every time the main menu top level is accessed) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: Should be fixed now - thanks for the report
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