20:59 Ticket #11340 (BLADERUNNER: Autosaved File Names truncated) created by IlDucci
The Autosaved File names, which are taken from the game's translation, …
20:53 Ticket #11339 (BLADERUNNER: McCoy's TV's voices are at the wrong audio channel) created by IlDucci
During Act 1, when going to McCoy's bedroom and checking on the TV, …
20:36 Ticket #11335 (GOB3: Music not playing during chess room) closed by bluegr
fixed: Fixed in pull request #2028: https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/2028
20:16 Ticket #11338 (3DS: Crashes connected to dynamic plugins) created by BallM4788
Introduced in commit …


20:42 Ticket #11330 (KYRA: Kyrandia 1. Some bugs in game) closed by athrxx
fixed: You were right. The original has a 5 seconds delay there that we were …
20:39 Ticket #11331 (KYRA: Kyrandia 2. Animation bugs) closed by athrxx
fixed: Thanks for the report. Yes, that fix of mine was clearly wrong. I …
01:05 Ticket #11337 (King Quest VI CD and Roland MT-32 emulation with external Munt) created by cachaito
Hello, I'm using ScummVM 2.1.1 and latest Windows Munt release (in …


22:32 Ticket #11336 (3ds port crash on launch.) closed by bgK
fixed: There was an issue with the release build that prevented it from …
19:51 Ticket #11336 (3ds port crash on launch.) created by KainXVIII
Either cia or 3dsx versions.


19:01 Ticket #11334 (Myst ME crashes when dropping key in stoneship age) closed by bgK
invalid: Ok, thanks. To be fair I'm unsure how we could test for that. Closing.
08:57 Ticket #10598 (Myst and Riven: Space should skip cinematics, not pause) closed by bgK
fixed: It is now possible to remap the actions for Riven to different keys in …
08:56 Ticket #10390 (MOHAWK: Riven: Key Mapping) closed by bgK
fixed: The keymapper is finally good enough for this use case. It's now …
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