02:59 Ticket #10878 (WIN32: Disabled engine files are included as resources) closed by bluegr
02:53 Ticket #10861 (COMPOSER: Darby the Dragon: ERROR: Archive does not contain 'ANIM' 2329!) closed by bluegr
fixed: Thanks to digitall's work, this was easy to fix. This was the only …
02:18 Ticket #10889 (SCI: FANGAME: Betrayed Alliance Not Identified) closed by bluegr
fixed: Version 1.0 was already present in the detection tables. This is …
01:41 Ticket #10912 (SCI: SQ4: Zero gravity chase lockup) closed by bluegr


09:07 Ticket #10913 (GOB: Woodruff - Can't load a save game from main menu) created by rtentser
The button "Load…" isn't active. ScummVM 2.1.0git4927-g949b9a0d91 …
01:58 Ticket #10912 (SCI: SQ4: Zero gravity chase lockup) created by sluicebox
When swimming in zero gravity in the mall, the game can lock up if the …


21:26 Ticket #10902 (KYRA2: Add support for Polish floppy version) closed by bonki
duplicate: Thanks for your report! There is already a ticket for this so I'm …


22:54 Ticket #10911 (SCI: SQ4: Red shopper message bugs) closed by bluegr
22:03 Ticket #10911 (SCI: SQ4: Red shopper message bugs) created by sluicebox
Talking to the red shopper in the mall has a 5% chance of a funny …
15:43 Ticket #10910 (TOON: Toonstruck - unknown game variant) created by SuperGithubUser
The game is the 2 cd Sold out release. I tried to add it to scummvm …


07:51 Ticket #10749 (QFG4: Voice delayed when asking the innkeeper about the shop) closed by Vhati
wontfix: message pool 321 - noun: 11, verb: 146, cond: 24, seq: 1 The audio …
02:37 Ticket #10909 ([GLK-Frotz] Wrong Capitalized gameIDs in the frotz engine) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for that. I've committed the fixes
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