20:34 Ticket #10445 (TUCKER: Verb "Use" uses capitalized "With" in sentence bar) closed by bonki
fixed: Fixed in commit ada79c7f65264a073a2f7ae55ec23211a924a1e6.
20:06 Ticket #10445 (TUCKER: Verb "Use" uses capitalized "With" in sentence bar) created by bonki
INFOBAR.TXT contains all text used in the sentence bar, amongst …


19:20 Ticket #10444 (AGI: Graphics glitch when reloading a savegame after dying) created by Drenn1
Whenever you load a savegame after dying, a small black square appears …


15:00 Ticket #10443 (GOB: Croustibat - Screenshot (DOS/Portuguese)) created by windlepoons
Screenshots and thumbs for Croustiba Portuguese version (not official …


20:56 Ticket #10442 (TITANIC: Game crashes on Floor 38) created by Saleck
The game Starship Titanic is crashing whenever the player goes to …
09:22 Ticket #10441 (GUI: Save/load dialog flickers when repeatedly clicking the list/grid ...) created by bonki
Clicking the _listButton (or _gridButton) in the …
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