18:49 Changeset [3f42f212] by bgK
NEWS: Add important Myst bug fixes
18:49 Changeset [f4a0566e] by bgK
MOHAWK: RIVEN: Remove the testing flag
18:49 Changeset [2f733c81] by bgK
BASE: Minor command line detection cleanup
18:49 Changeset [9b9600a5] by bgK
VIDEO: Express VideoDecoder::endOfVideo using easier to understand logic
14:20 Ticket #10312 (WIN: "WARNING: unknown gfx mode -1!") created by rootfather
OS: Windows 10 ScummVM revision: current master Starting with …


11:11 Changeset [a7e4c6d7] by bgK
MYST3: Fix original engine saves missing thumbnail in RVM menus The …
10:06 Changeset [25940d2f] by bgK
MYST3: Only run drag scripts when the position changed Fixes lever …


10:38 Ticket #10290 (SCUMM: Loom: Unknown version) closed by BenCastricum
fixed: PR1047 has been merged …
10:04 Changeset [1742764] by criezy
I18N: Update translations templates
10:03 Changeset [a8faf239] by sev-
SCUMM: Prevent false detection of Steam games


21:06 Changeset [91d79769] by dreammaster
XEEN: Enable starting game from startup menu
18:37 Changeset [8258bca0] by rootfather
DOC: Remove reference to SF for the Bug Tracker; improve wording
18:37 Changeset [4e026e72] by rootfather
DOC: Remove reference to Sourceforge for the Bug Tracker
18:18 Changeset [37459bc6] by Colin Snover <github.com@…>
SCI: Fix UB in SegManager memcpy/strcpy operations Passing …
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