11:30 Ticket #10303 (Reporting MD5s for unknown versions of games) created by AndyILC
Please add detection Russian version of Myst ("MYST.DAT", …
03:36 Changeset [3a952139] by Colin Snover <github.com@…>
SDL: Automatically grab mouse upon entering fullscreen Folks are …


03:05 Changeset [f638f14] by criezy
I18N: Regenerate translations data file


00:59 Ticket #10302 (Titanic Starship french version) closed by dreammaster
invalid: That's correct.. only the English and German versions are supported. …


23:03 Ticket #10302 (Titanic Starship french version) created by legluondunet
Hello, I own the Starhip Titanic french version and I tried to launch …
17:13 Changeset [9030b09e] by wjp
SCI: Allow lofsa string printing in disasm for all SCI versions
16:55 Changeset [fab43f0f] by wjp
SCI: Fix offsets in disasm for multi-param opcodes This code was …


20:08 Ticket #10301 (SCI: KQ7 FR: Video playback crash) created by gatesbillou
Hello, I tryed latest scummvm 1.10.0git5261 (18 oct 2017) with the …
02:21 Ticket #10300 (SDL: ScummVM-gui can resize weird when changing graphics and ...) created by dafioram
OS: Ubunu 17.04 SDL 2.0.5 scummvm: 1.10.0git-5261-g0e44feadb0 1. …
02:05 Ticket #10299 (BACKENDS: Retropie: SDL Cursor flashes in corner) created by dafioram
SDL 2.0.5 Retropie 4.2 ScummVM: …


22:51 Changeset [2fea095] by tsoliman
SDL: Fix SDL1 cursor position when using a touchscreen I noticed that …
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