22:12 Ticket #7882 (Win32 installer: Don't install QUICKSTART file if English is selected) created by SF/sophira
[…] […]
10:41 Changeset [427850b7] by Strangerke
VOYEUR: Remove useless global variable
10:19 Ticket #6965 (AMAZON: GFX mash-up when clicking on an action icon) created by raziel-
[…] […]
10:15 Ticket #6964 (AMAZON: Fade-in has a full scene view before it starts) created by raziel-
[…] […]
02:50 Ticket #6963 (DW: Assertion afer switching the books) closed by dreammaster
02:48 Changeset [bf4ab6d5] by dreammaster
TINSEL: Remove redundant assert check in SetHookScene In the …
01:25 Ticket #6962 (SHERLOCK: Crash In Tobacco Shop) closed by dreammaster
01:23 Changeset [2e3ecb1b] by dreammaster
SHERLOCK: SS: Fix crash moving box at Tabbacconists


21:24 Ticket #6963 (DW: Assertion afer switching the books) created by raziel-
[…] […]
09:40 Ticket #6962 (SHERLOCK: Crash In Tobacco Shop) created by SF/tyrant79
[…] […]
02:54 Ticket #9512 (PEGASUS-MAC: Pegasus Prime screenshots) created by SF/escarlate
[…] […]


22:54 Changeset [3a574272] by sev-
SWORD25: Remove unused class variable
22:54 Changeset [7449c09f] by sev-
SWORD25: Init variables
21:39 Changeset [1c841094] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
BBVS: Use memmove(), not memcpy(), for overlapping memory areas CID …
21:21 Changeset [93b2a2e5] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
TIMIDITY: Fix resource leak (CID 1003919)
18:17 Changeset [7ce6a2d8] by Martin Kiewitz <m_kiewitz@…>
ACCESS: video player: initialize variable also remove another unused …
04:34 Changeset [d8c28d15] by dreammaster
XEEN: Create stub files for other Clouds/DarkSide cutscenes
03:32 Changeset [5b0f4605] by dreammaster
XEEN: Implementing more of Dark Side intro


20:43 Ticket #6960 (GOB3 - Impossible to Read page of Magic Book for make "Potion of wings") closed by DrMcCoy
16:34 Changeset [9c92f9fa] by dreammaster
XEEN: Moved in-progress Dark Side intro to it's own file
11:51 Changeset [4998a57] by sev-


00:13 Changeset [e8aa00c9] by dreammaster
ACCESS: Fix crash in demo when changing scene


23:56 Changeset [4e415c3] by dreammaster
ACCESS: Fix loading character data in English demo
23:21 Changeset [b9fc8cf] by sev-
TESTBED: Sanity check
23:14 Changeset [d33c444] by Kirben
BUILD: Add access.dat to resource file for Windows builds.
23:06 Changeset [deb7623f] by sev-
SCUMM: Add safety check
23:06 Changeset [b7735b02] by sev-
TESTBED: Added safety check
23:06 Changeset [34a1d7aa] by sev-
AGI: Improve debug output
23:06 Changeset [7a21929e] by sev-
FULLPIPE: Fix cursor comparison
22:52 Changeset [f1c98258] by dreammaster
ACCESS: Fix redrawing buttons after changing selection
22:08 Changeset [ccd82145] by sev-
HE: Proper cast to double to avoid integer division
22:07 Changeset [5675fa7b] by sev-
SCUMM: Enforcing numbers to double
22:02 Changeset [a6ca2ec6] by sev-
ACCESS: Adding missing comma
21:57 Changeset [401518a] by sev-
WINTERMUTE: Proper place for pointer check
21:54 Changeset [48e048be] by sev-
WINTERMUTE: More sanity checks
21:49 Changeset [8f3d528b] by sev-
AGI: Better pointer checking
21:44 Changeset [98559576] by sev-
MADS: Fixing parenthesis. Requires checking with the original
21:41 Changeset [46dc9a89] by sev-
MADS: Fix warning. Requires consulting with the original
21:41 Changeset [9033f8db] by sev-
MADS: Shut gcc warning. Requires checking
21:34 Changeset [a92ecf7] by sev-
AGI: Removed excess check
21:34 Changeset [866baf1d] by sev-
LASTEXPRESS: Removing excess check
21:34 Changeset [6e9fe005] by sev-
CGE2: Fix rounding error
21:34 Changeset [1f1c9803] by sev-
PRINCE: Fix color clipping logic
21:32 Changeset [93891265] by sev-
Merge pull request #627 from fedor4ever/master SYMBIAN: various fixes
19:58 Changeset [ee5acb25] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
ACCESS: Add TODO for access.dat
17:40 Changeset [1fe6e92b] by dreammaster
ACCESS: Silence gcc warnings
17:15 Ticket #6961 (ACCESS: AGOE assertion when talking to Darlene) closed by dreammaster
17:12 Changeset [a6150f93] by dreammaster
ACCESS: Creation of access.dat for holding Access games engine data
15:38 Changeset [24dbee0f] by sev-
FULLPIPE: Check result on realloc()
14:06 Changeset [751183a2] by Strangerke
CGE2: Silent a CppCheck warning
14:05 Changeset [9d6ae42f] by Strangerke
MORTEVIELLE: Reduce the scope of a variable
01:05 Changeset [fe916f17] by Strangerke
ACCESS: Martian - Simplify check in takePicture()
00:44 Changeset [279be64] by Strangerke
ACCESS: Fix bug in River
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