23:31 Changeset [ec3a4b99] by Strangerke
MADS: Some work on Camera
17:18 Changeset [03fe7c6b] by Strangerke
MADS: Phantom: Merge _variant and _initialVariant
17:10 Changeset [c256f57] by sev-
BBVS: Enable engine by default
12:22 Changeset [d2ef695e] by sev-
DEVTOOLS: Package release tarballs with xz also
12:17 Changeset [546ba3c0] by sev-
DEVTOOLS: Rewrote dist-scummsm.sh tool to support git


22:32 Changeset [b9b8eab2] by sev-
IMAGES: WIP for 16-bit MS Video1 decoder
21:43 Changeset [5d6f924] by wjp
BBVS: Fix typo in array size Ideally this shouldn't use a hardcoded …
19:24 Ticket #9510 (bbvs-win: Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity Screenshots) created by SF/windlepoons
[…] […]
00:03 Changeset [0a5e6e16] by sev-
BBVS: Added Russian BBVS Requires Russian to be selected in GUI font. …


16:14 Ticket #7881 (WEB: localized versions of the scummvm website) created by SF/rootfather
[…] […]
11:17 Changeset [ed0e6d19] by Strangerke
MADS: Dragon: Implement scene 105
10:36 Changeset [a475a7f1] by Strangerke
MADS: Rex: Use a constant when checking _mainObjectSource
09:51 Changeset [2b31096] by wjp
SWORD25: Fix comment translation
08:09 Changeset [1f1ef9b] by sev-
SWORD25: Fixing typo of typo. This time for real
07:21 Changeset [a47ab5e1] by sev-
SWORD25: Fix typo


23:21 Changeset [ca4c10f4] by sev-
SWORD25: Translate comments
23:20 Ticket #6950 (ScummVM: Failed to start) closed by lordhoto
23:03 Changeset [882989f5] by sev-
SWORD25: Fix thumbnail generation and make it portable
13:03 Changeset [9d831d0c] by vanfanel <redwindwanderer@…>
SDL/DISPMANX Fixed small issues with merging: Use append_var, fix …


23:52 Changeset [002a59c] by Strangerke
MADS: Implement syncTimers, add SyncType enum, modify all the calls to …
23:50 Changeset [8753ee9f] by Strangerke
MADS: Rename the parameter of setNextFrameTimer
20:36 Changeset [8360d3cd] by sev-
GUI: Do not show splash when ran from launcher
16:56 Changeset [99739a13] by vanfanel <redwindwanderer@…>
Merge branch 'master' into dispmanx
13:20 Changeset [eb988196] by Strangerke
12:31 Changeset [7e44493] by Martin Kiewitz <m_kiewitz@…>
SCI: add another Torin's Passage version German 1.0
00:50 Changeset [0195ee51] by Strangerke
MADS: Implement sceneScale for v2+ games


23:35 Changeset [0f5130e4] by Strangerke
MADS: For consistency with Rex, remove the second parameter of …
23:10 Changeset [bbe61b40] by Strangerke
MADS: DRAGON: Use constants instead of hardcoded values in one call of …
19:46 Ticket #6950 (ScummVM: Failed to start) created by SF/superzanac
[…] […]
19:30 Changeset [5ad9cd1] by Bertrand Augereau <bertrand.augereau@…>
COMMON: More sort unit tests
19:08 Changeset [1311fe5c] by Bertrand Augereau <bertrand.augereau@…>
COMMON: Avoid useless (and dangerous when cctor/operator= don't …
17:38 Changeset [13f30fb] by athrxx <athrxx@…>
KYRA: (LOK/PC-98) - add missing string resource
17:00 Changeset [fb61f649] by athrxx <athrxx@…>
SCUMM: WORKAROUND for bug #1873 INDY3 FMTOWNS: Music in Venice is distorted
09:55 Changeset [1765e23] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
MADS: Phantom: Implement disableNode() and disableLine()
08:21 Changeset [6a34a1d5] by Strangerke
MADS: Phantom: Add a comment about changing section
08:15 Changeset [7fb2ec93] by Strangerke
MADS: Replace the use of setTimingTrigger by a call to addTimer for …
08:04 Changeset [a71fd576] by Strangerke
MADS: Implement SetSeqPlayer for V2+ games, replace setTrigger by …
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