05:34 Changeset [af17a870] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add missing check svn-id: r16989
05:31 Changeset [64be448c] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add more details to WizImageOps svn-id: r16988


21:42 Changeset [8825d26d] by Joost Peters <joostp@…>
big endian fixes svn-id: r16987
16:43 Ticket #1943 (BS1: Stucking speak-animation) created by SF/beerdeer
[…] […]
12:51 Changeset [ff1a0c1c] by sev-
That's what may happen if you happen to have more than one local tree. …
10:46 Changeset [14074de4] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Correct classId value. svn-id: r16985
10:42 Ticket #8401 (Less memory-hungry MPEG playback) created by eriktorbjorn
[…] […]
10:10 Changeset [c90a3b38] by sev-
Forgot to commit. HercAmber/HercGreen documentation svn-id: r16984
08:34 Changeset [2f8d85e0] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Initialise variable. svn-id: r16983
05:09 Changeset [958d68e8] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Need to adjust HE7 filename for mustard too. svn-id: r16982
04:54 Changeset [ac493b31] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Fix compare string. svn-id: r16981
03:06 Changeset [78e3fc94] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add missing actor redraws svn-id: r16980
02:51 Changeset [e85baf02] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Correct palSlot range svn-id: r16979


23:57 Changeset [120b3851] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Sync paletteOps in HE90 svn-id: r16978
23:15 Ticket #1924 (FT: Movies Cut Short/Audio Error) closed by aquadran
23:14 Changeset [bad34c12] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add two more VARs for HE89+ Minor cleanup svn-id: r16977
21:50 Changeset [b6fdeff3] by sev-
Mnetion hercGreen/hercAmber render modes. svn-id: r16976
21:46 Changeset [50f6eb7] by sev-
Distinguish between green and amber hercules. Now specify it via …
21:39 Changeset [7a2a4f34] by sev-
Make detection of v1 SCUMM games at detection stage, not resource …
20:02 Changeset [ee03994a] by sev-
Commit o100_paletteOps WIP based on cyx's patch. Original patch just …
11:57 Changeset [3cd0ff76] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Fix room resource loading in Buzzy games. svn-id: r16972
10:53 Changeset [9f364eaf] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add dummy case used in airport svn-id: r16971
08:42 Changeset [e9136021] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Fix array read from files in HE72+ svn-id: r16970
07:11 Changeset [27bcd6e4] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
When restoring older savegames, fill the script slot 'cycle' fields …
07:00 Changeset [f097bcbf] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Fix string display in Buzzy games. svn-id: r16968
05:03 Ticket #1929 (COMI: Part 3 glitch (dancing pirates don't stop)) closed by Kirben
05:01 Changeset [7dd05d6d] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Fix COMI part III regression, I lost a line. svn-id: r16967
04:04 Ticket #1931 (EXTRACT: Failure to recompress Sam & Max (floppy)) closed by Kirben


21:05 Ticket #7411 (QUEEN: Detecting demo and using proper name) created by SF/clemty
[…] […]
07:45 Changeset [91c1c67f] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Fixed warning. svn-id: r16966


22:47 Changeset [f94b10db] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Update HE issues svn-id: r16965
20:20 Changeset [a9e53c98] by Max Horn <max@…>
Perform some validation before using GFX strip offset (see also bug …
20:19 Changeset [15bfd975] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
preliminar work on processWizImage 9 and updated wiz flags svn-id: r16963
19:49 Ticket #1933 (MI1: Game crashes when the church in town is entered.) closed by fingolfin
19:25 Ticket #1901 (ALL/SFX: Setting the SFX volume at 256 mutes sound) closed by fingolfin
19:24 Ticket #1925 (ALL: crashes on Alpha computer) closed by fingolfin
18:18 Ticket #1942 (BS1: 64-bit crash when menu appears) created by SF/cmacksey
[…] […]
17:34 Changeset [991dbdf1] by Joost Peters <joostp@…>
change division to right-shift svn-id: r16962
17:33 Ticket #1941 (ALL: Compressed BUN files play incorrectly on BE systems) created by SF/pdenouel
[…] […]
14:03 Changeset [58dc3099] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
And, finally, the change I meant to before I got side-tracked: Use …
13:34 Changeset [e50aca32] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Missed a change. svn-id: r16960
13:28 Changeset [bed89771] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Index the "mouse list" from 0 instead of 1. I have no idea why it …
13:23 Changeset [36705d4] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add support for script cycles used by HE90+ games. svn-id: r16958
13:22 Changeset [9424c5ae] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Changed a few more hard-coded text-ids to constants. svn-id: r16957
09:04 Ticket #7410 (OSD or Menu Entry for talkspeed) created by SF/frank_m24
[…] […]
04:35 Changeset [c840db8a] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
* empty log message * svn-id: r16956
04:34 Changeset [d343ba9b] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Cleanup svn-id: r16955
04:17 Changeset [3b2fe18d] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Rename sprite functions svn-id: r16954


19:31 Ticket #7409 (Support hardware scaling) closed by fingolfin
18:07 Ticket #7409 (Support hardware scaling) created by SF/filamento
[…] […]
17:52 Ticket #7408 (Scale to 1280x1024 resolution) created by SF/filamento
[…] […]
16:20 Changeset [f628ee83] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Restored the original values to the return codes. Since I've been …
16:11 Changeset [a5356edb] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Got rid of all the .h files but one in the 'driver' directory. They …
06:07 Changeset [0d8a49de] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Revert the spriteGroupId checks.change. svn-id: r16951
06:01 Changeset [991c1859] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Correct spriteGroupId checks. Remove duplicate/pointess code. svn-id: …
05:14 Changeset [68d15ad9] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Correction, only redraw if flags changed. svn-id: r16949
04:14 Changeset [d5d3bc8e] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
correction, WIZH tag is LE svn-id: r16948
03:36 Changeset [decda90f] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
moved some variables to ScummEngine_v90he and renamed some SpriteInfo …
03:23 Changeset [a0347d46] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
fixed footdemo startup wizimage svn-id: r16946
02:55 Changeset [5eec97c2] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
added processWizImage mode 8 ; this breaks footdemo, feel free to …
02:29 Changeset [4cb4f662] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Rename vars svn-id: r16944
01:23 Changeset [8560e08] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Ooops svn-id: r16943
01:20 Changeset [68581fe2] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add floodState struct and rename opcode. svn-id: r16942
01:02 Changeset [8446e7c6] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add a few more HE items svn-id: r16941
00:49 Changeset [52989edb] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Update debug msg. svn-id: r16940
00:42 Changeset [cf0aac15] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add more safety checks. svn-id: r16939
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