17:48 Changeset [8f1191b3] by aquadran
some optimisations svn-id: r13969
17:22 Changeset [4b9aa09f] by aquadran
moved a bit svn-id: r13968
17:02 Ticket #1620 (COMI: Music is stuttering. Again) closed by aquadran
16:33 Ticket #1632 (DIG: SDL parachutes in power room) closed by aquadran
16:30 Ticket #1643 (FT: Crash on music change) closed by aquadran
16:00 Changeset [f5c8c66] by aquadran
chnaged fps in imuse digi to dynamic param svn-id: r13967
15:17 Changeset [22048dca] by aquadran
that was very bad svn-id: r13966
15:05 Changeset [212a451b] by aquadran
correct for last commit, changed dummy reads to seek svn-id: r13965
14:54 Changeset [eb867d6d] by aquadran
removed unused code svn-id: r13964
14:41 Changeset [726ac17b] by aquadran
experimental fix for expired sounds svn-id: r13963


16:39 Ticket #1661 (BS2fr: Savegames are corrupted) closed by eriktorbjorn
15:15 Ticket #1665 (MONKEY/TOWNS: cannot view map) closed by fingolfin
14:34 Changeset [c013618] by Chris Apers <chrilith@…>
Added missing files svn-id: r13962
14:31 Changeset [a5b64d0f] by Chris Apers <chrilith@…>
Revamped MSA CD player, now time is based on Sound Unit (SU). More …
14:25 Changeset [b104974b] by Chris Apers <chrilith@…>
Updated with lastest changes to global vars svn-id: r13960
13:47 Ticket #1666 (INDY3/TOWNS - cannot open package) created by SF/jaho
[…] […]
13:45 Ticket #1665 (MONKEY/TOWNS: cannot view map) created by SF/jaho
[…] […]


11:20 Ticket #1653 (Daily builds/Changelog not working) closed by Kirben
06:46 Changeset [a7d7e6eb] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Itsy-bitsy cleanup. svn-id: r13959


10:56 Ticket #1663 (Timidity Issues on Debian) closed by SF/ender
06:31 Ticket #1664 (FT: ScummVM hangs during biker fight (regression)) created by eriktorbjorn
[…] […]
05:07 Ticket #1663 (Timidity Issues on Debian) created by SF/fbriere
[…] […]


19:23 Ticket #1662 (Strange black frame on the screen) created by SF/todhirendra
[…] […]


07:23 Changeset [3da9e2d2] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
The "Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise" demo didn't erase subtitles …
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