13:49 Changeset [d6aa0a47] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Remove old comment svn-id: r13925
13:32 Changeset [3632305c] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Ignore imuse control code in HE games Add missing code for …
01:54 Changeset [86ad0e2] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Increase debug level Add error about NES MM been currently …
01:46 Changeset [f897cafd] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Update HE issues svn-id: r13922


22:06 Changeset [ea4d26f0] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
(almost) fixed saving/loading images in fatty bears birthday svn-id: …
20:59 Changeset [6a314c99] by sev-
Fix o6_writeFile. svn-id: r13920
20:28 Changeset [cd0c2df] by aquadran
_allreadyInit was not initializedin smush player svn-id: r13919
20:22 Changeset [3f5c6515] by aquadran
better fix for unloaded sound resources in imuse digi svn-id: r13918
19:32 Ticket #1623 (COMI: Crash starting the chapter 3) closed by aquadran
19:32 Changeset [136c759] by aquadran
fix for imuse digi bug 952775 svn-id: r13917
17:56 Changeset [60954319] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
minor changes svn-id: r13916
08:37 Changeset [6c0f2234] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
HE games use slightly different E1 opcode Move HE7 specific opcodes to …
06:38 Changeset [654099e7] by sev-
Preliminary versions of HE opcodes kernelGetFunctions and …


19:46 Ticket #1644 (FOTAQ: CD Version crashes when using antidote) closed by fingolfin
19:43 Ticket #1646 (ALL: Can't use quickkeys) closed by fingolfin
18:28 Ticket #1649 (COMI: Graphics are incorrectly layered) created by SF/jbergstrom
[…] […]
15:07 Changeset [4c8c01fa] by sev-
Forgot to commit svn-id: r13913
13:09 Ticket #1648 (MIVGA: (Amiga) fails to read resource.) created by SF/stepan
[…] […]
08:59 Changeset [28e63617] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Set _parser to NULL after deleting it. I don't know if it's necessary, …
08:56 Changeset [0552b105] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Switch to _heversion svn-id: r13911
08:51 Changeset [6dc0191e] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Make allNotesOff() also turn off all "hanging notes". Without this …
08:46 Changeset [cddf02fc] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Make sure music is unloaded and the parser object deleted before …
08:44 Changeset [f3014b9f] by sev-
Add stub for HE o6_quitPauseRestart. svn-id: r13908
08:24 Changeset [50b39e30] by sev-
Added separate HE versioning. svn-id: r13907
06:03 Ticket #1647 (MANIAC: New Kid -> Player Warp) created by SF/flashman0109
[…] […]
03:20 Ticket #1646 (ALL: Can't use quickkeys) created by SF/strawsbj
[…] […]


22:17 Ticket #1641 (Assembly versions of HQ2x and HQ3x scalers) closed by sev-
22:16 Changeset [7d1b7550] by sev-
Applied patch submitted by cyx to bug #961365 (Assembly versions of …
14:51 Ticket #1637 (WINCE: Clock in Taskbar dissapeared) closed by SF/arisme
13:30 Changeset [b99ffd8f] by Nicolas Bacca <arisme@…>
Oops newline svn-id: r13905
13:24 Changeset [055f9bf8] by Nicolas Bacca <arisme@…>
Ozone tweaks (add virtual screen and infos) / Fix initial keyboard bug …
13:15 Changeset [65949528] by Nicolas Bacca <arisme@…>
Automatic severe crash reporting svn-id: r13903
13:13 Changeset [ba2a4a48] by Nicolas Bacca <arisme@…>
Some constants for our new friend, Windows Mobile 2003 SE aka Ozone …
13:03 Changeset [72b01684] by Nicolas Bacca <arisme@…>
Remove unnecessary WinCE tweaks svn-id: r13901
12:31 Ticket #1630 (WINCE: Two bugs on PocketScummVM 0.6.0) closed by SF/arisme
12:30 Changeset [37b311d6] by Nicolas Bacca <arisme@…>
Remove old savePath handling on WinCE svn-id: r13900


21:04 Changeset [4ceb84c6] by sev-
Extend midi music table. Implement music looping. svn-id: r13899
21:03 Changeset [b3feb110] by sev-
Remove slipped in underscores. svn-id: r13898
17:20 Ticket #1645 (FOTAQ: CD Version game crashes) created by SF/alpriami
[…] […]
14:15 Ticket #1644 (FOTAQ: CD Version crashes when using antidote) created by SF/alpriami
[…] […]
09:59 Ticket #1643 (FT: Crash on music change) created by eriktorbjorn
[…] […]
06:48 Ticket #1642 (INDY3 Problem unlocking grey Uniform) closed by Kirben


20:46 Changeset [b559e5e5] by aquadran
apply mixer vol/pan at first time svn-id: r13897
14:42 Changeset [ddc104d4] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Use the same volume and panning values when starting the sound as when …
09:21 Changeset [126a8b91] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Added note about the updated AdvMame scalers, since AdvMame3x looks …
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