21:09 Ticket #1315 (FOA: Wrong sprite z-order at specific place) created by SF/zerryk
[…] […]
19:58 Ticket #1314 (FOA: Assertion failed crash at lava pit) created by SF/zerryk
[…] […]
19:18 Ticket #1311 (FOA: Crash when combining Rope with Rubbercomb) closed by fingolfin
13:40 Changeset [509235e] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Added experimental (i.e. not tested) resource dumping code. Added …
10:21 Changeset [cc0da575] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Ooops should have left thatone svn-id: r11358
10:08 Changeset [778786d] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Update issues svn-id: r11357
09:56 Changeset [9e176e58] by aquadran
added ugly hack for maniac v1, it fix redrawing last 8 lines of gfx …
07:59 Changeset [8ddc52e9] by aquadran
fix / hack for actor costume gfx glitches in scumm v1 games svn-id: r11355
03:06 Ticket #1313 (COMI: Guybrush vanishes, can't reach BBQ Pit) created by SF/ckbcowboy
[…] […]
00:55 Ticket #8301 (Remove spurious semicolons) created by SF/mellum
[…] […]
00:52 Ticket #8300 (Disable unaligned accesses on Alpha) created by SF/mellum
[…] […]


20:42 Changeset [c4882e8f] by aquadran
update svn-id: r11354


09:39 Changeset [484edca7] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
use constants instead of plain integers for room numbers svn-id: r11353
09:38 Changeset [5c04293] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
fix 'gorilla becoming invisible' issue (this was due to the missing …
04:27 Changeset [4d4ba9e] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Ooops svn-id: r11351


23:46 Changeset [b8c0fbf] by Max Horn <max@…>
new font code (currently disabled by default), which allows using …
18:40 Changeset [083c3280] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Eliminated some more references to g_sword2. I think the only thing …


23:49 Changeset [80e335e0] by Max Horn <max@…>
oops svn-id: r11348
23:47 Changeset [f40d043] by Max Horn <max@…>
return/enter key in the launcher now starts the selected target …
23:44 Changeset [7d0fcb71] by Max Horn <max@…>
cleanup; fixed return/enter in ListWidget when not in editing mode …
10:31 Ticket #1306 (FT : Crash when following bunnies) closed by SF/lechimp
10:16 Changeset [151a2dcc] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
revert use of GF_DEMO in Humongous games fixing several problems …
09:44 Changeset [a35ce0f5] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add PC game feature flag, to match others. svn-id: r11344
08:29 Changeset [022facf] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Removed unused file. svn-id: r11343
08:17 Changeset [50be85ac] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
The readFile() function was only used once, for creating the debugger …
05:14 Changeset [c90d4c4e] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Alter old demo check Stop crash on exit with comi demo svn-id: r11341
04:05 Changeset [5589cdc1] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Fix object names in dig demo svn-id: r11340
02:20 Changeset [5edd70f] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add back full throttle pc demo target svn-id: r11339
02:09 Changeset [3147d75] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Missed one check svn-id: r11338
02:05 Changeset [50506eb7] by aquadran
added rest comi demo imuse music states svn-id: r11337
01:57 Changeset [3ce3b33c] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
COMI demos only have 3 fonts files. Don't do CD checks for COMI demos …
01:33 Changeset [632e884] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Music correction svn-id: r11335
01:23 Changeset [c743ef98] by aquadran
added experimental handle for comi demo music svn-id: r11334
00:55 Ticket #7336 (Search more subdirs: Rooms 1, Rooms 2, Rooms 3) closed by Kirben
00:55 Changeset [6c814c48] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add extra directory checks for Macintosh versions of indy3/loom …
00:49 Ticket #7324 (Add sound support for dig demo) closed by Kirben
00:48 Changeset [71a658f2] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Music correction for dig demo svn-id: r11332
00:35 Changeset [c830c0b2] by aquadran
added music support for dig demo svn-id: r11331
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