20:49 Changeset [2724ac7] by aquadran
cleanup svn-id: r6530
18:03 Changeset [38c28703] by aquadran
cleanup, speedup code svn-id: r6529
16:29 Changeset [473cbb84] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
start of joystick support, just selects first joystick for now and …
11:15 Ticket #8162 (COMI lip sync patch (experimental)) created by SF/dschepler
[…] […]
08:01 Changeset [1043ec1d] by Nicolas Bacca <arisme@…>
Fix GDI display for HPCs svn-id: r6527
07:59 Changeset [8d3e850] by Nicolas Bacca <arisme@…>
Missing exported functions for HPCs svn-id: r6526
07:58 Changeset [8f98b316] by Nicolas Bacca <arisme@…>
NoGameX file - put in root directory (HPC debug option) and NoMusic …
07:53 Changeset [54a1cf98] by Nicolas Bacca <arisme@…>
stdio wrappers for HPC (I know it's about time :)) svn-id: r6524
07:49 Ticket #8161 (Fix for MI1 intro crash (experimental)) created by eriktorbjorn
[…] […]
06:35 Changeset [5c128f1c] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
I'm pretty sure 0x98 should be O_DRAW_OBJECT in comi but changing it …
06:06 Ticket #8160 (COMI disc switching fix) closed by SF/khalek
05:59 Changeset [846d73c5] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
patch #670660 by Daniel Schepler, properly handle disc switching wrt …
05:40 Ticket #675 (Crash when turning on lighter in Seatle cave) closed by SF/khalek
03:00 Ticket #676 (ZAK256 crashes when turning on lighter in seatle cave) created by SF/derschrauber
[…] […]
00:01 Ticket #675 (Crash when turning on lighter in Seatle cave) created by SF/derschrauber
[…] […]


23:25 Ticket #674 (No Music on Mac OS X) created by SF/andycroll
[…] […]
22:32 Ticket #8156 (New scaler : TV scanlines) closed by SF/khalek
22:28 Changeset [26fa144] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
new patch from cyx to make scanlines in tv2x lighter svn-id: r6521
20:31 Changeset [c0578665] by Max Horn <max@…>
fixed testGfxAnyUsageBits svn-id: r6520
20:28 Changeset [eea84f1] by aquadran
implemented missing smush opcodes - STOR and FTCH svn-id: r6519
19:40 Changeset [0fe071f8] by aquadran
fixed comi smush subtitles colors svn-id: r6518
15:39 Changeset [85ed389] by Oliver Kiehl <olki@…>
added missing function svn-id: r6517
13:53 Ticket #8160 (COMI disc switching fix) created by SF/dschepler
[…] […]
11:11 Changeset [ad55540f] by aquadran
fix warnings svn-id: r6516
11:00 Changeset [8f2b0726] by aquadran
some cleanup svn-id: r6515
10:34 Changeset [5a42eb62] by aquadran
some cleanup svn-id: r6514
09:03 Changeset [9c342225] by aquadran
fixed subtitles placement svn-id: r6513
04:17 Changeset [38d832ed] by Max Horn <max@…>
oops svn-id: r6512
04:13 Changeset [a1dafe54] by Max Horn <max@…>
fixed compile warning svn-id: r6511
04:10 Changeset [1553166] by Max Horn <max@…>
added some comments/changed indention of comments to spaces svn-id: r6510
03:35 Changeset [3e50c97] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
update assertion to be in line with increased blastTextQueue size …
03:25 Changeset [1abc258] by Max Horn <max@…>
increasing blast text limit for COMI end credits svn-id: r6508
01:03 Changeset [e2ebe7b] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
make v8 smush playing honour _noSubtitles svn-id: r6507


21:51 Changeset [6478b944] by aquadran
added preliminary support for subtitles in smush comi svn-id: r6506
21:04 Changeset [e225720] by Max Horn <max@…>
optimized Normal1x a bit (well at least memcpy won't be slower and on …
20:33 Ticket #8159 (Aspect ratio (feature wish #654098)) created by SF/cigaes
[…] […]
19:16 Changeset [18fdd807] by Max Horn <max@…>
small drawing optimization for V7/V8 games - tell me if that causes …
17:42 Changeset [6f499d8f] by Max Horn <max@…>
fix for the music crash, I hope... hm svn-id: r6503
16:26 Changeset [e7c81140] by aquadran
fixed compilation under VC6 svn-id: r6502
16:04 Changeset [c982b4f0] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
add help command to debugger to list commands and vars, we should …
16:02 Changeset [c1ce0e1e] by James Brown <ender@…>
Init and cleanup compression tables svn-id: r6500
15:54 Changeset [97ff115e] by James Brown <ender@…>
Fix shadowed variable in debugger, change bundle compression tables to …
15:26 Changeset [92a53a5] by aquadran
tuned a little comi smush svn-id: r6498
14:58 Changeset [532aeaa4] by aquadran
fix smush audio loop svn-id: r6497
14:51 Changeset [d591eb77] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
add the view/set debug level command 'level' from the old debugger …
14:16 Changeset [3faa561c] by aquadran
fix compilation under VC6 svn-id: r6495
14:00 Changeset [050a3fcd] by aquadran
fix compilation under VC6 svn-id: r6494
13:54 Changeset [4c5c59c1] by aquadran
implementation of comi smush audio svn-id: r6493
11:23 Changeset [0b4830e8] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
add bounds check for debugger costume switcher svn-id: r6492
10:38 Changeset [41a5927a] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
add ability to change actor costume via the debugger svn-id: r6491


19:52 Ticket #7261 (joystick support) created by SF/ge0rg
[…] […]
16:49 Changeset [18607b34] by Max Horn <max@…>
fixed OOB access introduced in my last commit; leaving in my debug …
16:12 Changeset [375ca05e] by Max Horn <max@…>
fixed decoding bug for COMI bundle audio; this resolves an OOB access …
15:23 Changeset [28101855] by James Brown <ender@…>
Clip strip value when removing objects svn-id: r6488
07:20 Changeset [945dee31] by James Brown <ender@…>
Possible hack to get the cannons firing. Of course... well, they still …


20:39 Ticket #673 (ALL: Bad -e Windows Midi emulation) created by SF/anonymo
[…] […]
19:23 Changeset [d589ecb] by James Brown <ender@…>
Small change to make actor talk anims look better svn-id: r6486
18:07 Changeset [2eff7e2] by Max Horn <max@…>
fix off by one bug in gfxUsageBits code; fixed small glitch the actor …
17:42 Ticket #8158 (Iterating over actors) closed by SF/ender
17:37 Changeset [4e07c1bb] by James Brown <ender@…>
Patch 668634: Actor iteration fix svn-id: r6484
14:42 Changeset [d5a266f2] by Max Horn <max@…>
reversed Dig workarounds - better to find the real cause of the …
13:55 Changeset [b1f1a9e4] by James Brown <ender@…>
Some notes regarding actorHit svn-id: r6482
13:10 Changeset [355d079a] by James Brown <ender@…>
Dumb, dumb, DUMB typo. :) svn-id: r6481
12:47 Changeset [c24c127] by James Brown <ender@…>
Some cleanup, implementation of setKeyScript (F1 now attempts to start …
11:40 Changeset [f4dc8c5b] by James Brown <ender@…>
Play sfx when used by mumble, et-al. (Eg, Wallys sobbing) svn-id: r6479
11:27 Changeset [0a4a8af0] by James Brown <ender@…>
Add translate for the ComI map text svn-id: r6478
11:05 Changeset [7433ab6] by Michael Pearce <chuzwuzza@…>
Added some more Monkey2 MT-32 custom instruments. It's getting …
08:04 Changeset [7e08dcc2] by James Brown <ender@…>
Remove dodgy fix for verb backgrounds. svn-id: r6476
01:49 Changeset [b9811d95] by Max Horn <max@…>
another change for Dig - still crashes a lot with my save games, …
01:46 Changeset [bf6e37c] by Max Horn <max@…>
two changes to accomodate Dig - don't like this :-/ svn-id: r6474
01:21 Ticket #664 (build on FreeBSD is not working out of the box) closed by fingolfin
00:47 Changeset [d4122d62] by Max Horn <max@…>
added center mode for blastText (and boy, our charset code is *messy* …
00:40 Changeset [8ad002b3] by Max Horn <max@…>
first blastText version. this is work in progress (note that e.g. text …


18:12 Ticket #8158 (Iterating over actors) created by eriktorbjorn
[…] […]
16:23 Changeset [ec006a4] by James Brown <ender@…>
localvar fix take 2. Note that ship-to-ship combat is still impossible …
15:49 Changeset [631f0e5] by James Brown <ender@…>
ComI uses more locals svn-id: r6470
14:14 Changeset [defd1e70] by Max Horn <max@…>
increased variable size from 16 to 32 bits svn-id: r6469
13:35 Changeset [15ad897] by James Brown <ender@…>
Comments regarding use of sle16 for 32bit variables.. :P svn-id: r6468
13:29 Changeset [4fde6134] by James Brown <ender@…>
Hack to make Part III start svn-id: r6467
03:10 Changeset [b1c570aa] by Max Horn <max@…>
made NUT font rendered honor _ignoreCharsetMask svn-id: r6466
02:35 Changeset [5a180bbe] by Max Horn <max@…>
COMI conversation verb fix svn-id: r6465
02:27 Changeset [4fcdb11b] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
test lechuck is working again.. i mean change a tab to a series of …
02:26 Ticket #8156 (New scaler : TV scanlines) closed by SF/khalek
02:22 Changeset [c6f4ee81] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
update readme for tv2x svn-id: r6463
02:11 Changeset [c08d736d] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
add new tv scanlines graphics scaler from Gregory Montoir, use -g tv2x …
00:06 Changeset [bd1b0d53] by aquadran
fixed dsp file svn-id: r6461
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