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SCI: Phant1: Can't get Glass Shard

Reported by: dafioram Owned by: csnover
Priority: high Component: Engine: SCI
Keywords: sci32 Cc:
Game: Phantasmagoria 1


Tester OS: Win7-64
ScummVM: 1.10.0git-3986-gc3f8f1a
Game: Phant1 GOG CD/DOS 1.000.001UK English

I did a full playthrough and in chapter 7 I am unable to pickup the glass shard needed for the end game. I don't see in in chapter 6 so I guess you can't get it earlier.

You can get it while don is chasing you, but it dissapears as soon as you use it. The youtube playthrough shows it staying in your inventory, if you get it this way:

This isn't a blocker because you can start a new game at chapter 7 and get the shard successfully.

I'm not sure how you would reproduce this without my save, maybe if you start at chapter 6 and playthrough to 7? Using my saved game it is always reproducible.


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full playthrough, chp7 start
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Shardless End Game

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full playthrough, chp7 start

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Thanks for your report, but this is not a ScummVM bug. You have not fulfilled the criteria to win this section of the game. Keep trying! :)

Spoiler hint, in rot13: Lbh fubhyq abg unir gur oebbpu va lbhe vairagbel ng guvf cbvag va gur tnzr.

comment:2 Changed 21 months ago by dafioram

You are right it isn't a ScummVM bug and it is in the original game, but you're hint isn't completely correct. I am not actually stuck like I thought, or as you're hint suggests. There is an alternative...

Response in rot13:

Gur Oebbpu vf n ercynprzrag vgrz sbe gur tynff funeq gung vf jul lbh pnaabg unir obgu va lbhe vairagbel ng gur fnzr gvzr. Vs lbh fgneg n arj tnzr ng puc7 lbh pna tb naq trg gur cva/oebbpu naq ercebqhpr guvf. Vafgrnq bs hfvat gur pehpvsvk va gur raq tnzr, juvpu lbh trg sbe gur oebbpu, lbh hfr gur ebfrnel ornqf sbhaq va gur pelcg.

V qvqa'g cynl guebhtu gur raq tnzr gb frr vs vg jbexf, orpnhfr vgf ybat, ohg guvf lbhghor cynl guebhtu fhttrfgf vg fubhyq jbex. Frr uggcf://jjj.lbhghor.pbz/jngpu?i=FNj6OcMYZhH. Ur qvq gur ybat jnl, ohg V qba'g frr jul gur fubeg jnl (jrer Qba qbrfa'g punfr lbh guebhtubhg gur ubhfr) nyfb jbhyq jbex.

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Okay I just beat the game with this alternative, the end game is not that long if you just skip the cutscenes, so the alternate is definitely do able. Attached is the save game right before going to the dark room and it has all the items necessary for "shardless" ending.

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Shardless End Game

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