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SCI: Phant1: Unrecognized game version

Reported by: enclume Owned by: csnover
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCI
Version: Keywords: sci32
Cc: Game: Phantasmagoria 1


hi, I have the french version of phantasmagoria (1.100.000) and ScummVM 1.10.0git3555-g1b03df5 (Jun 29 2017 05:50:57). Same issue than OP:

{"ressci.001", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 69963685},
{"ressci.003", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 76612091},
{"ressci.002", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 74556497},
{"ressci.005", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 81160893},
{"ressci.004", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 78757484},
{"ressci.006", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 81076474},
{"resmap.001", 0, "4da82dd336d4b9cd8c16f3cc11f0c615", 11524},
{"resmap.002", 0, "331d9cb4c2705da675d243fba22b7643", 12064},
{"resmap.003", 0, "48dcc70e117bfde15e004cc1b9533e5b", 12340},
{"resmap.004", 0, "fc117370efafd53a4c07aca99b2893c3", 12562},
{"resmap.005", 0, "d19ad6a7885273ffd1b920eced6e6871", 12616},
{"resmap.006", 0, "6db1956354e271681d41b489939686fb", 12538},
{"resmap.007", 0, "3d15c24fe60e8f7171480bfaa2d566bc", 7984},

creation date:
Sep 19 1995 SIERRA.EXE
Sep 19 1995 SIERRAW.EXE


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comment:1 by csnover, 7 years ago

Keywords: sci32 added

comment:2 by m-kiewitz, 7 years ago


Can you please send us the barcode of the box itself and the barcode on the CD-box too?
And maybe even make a photo of it?

And then maybe even check if your version is censored or not?
See this page:
(spoilers, if you haven't played the game yet. If you want to avoid them, simply play through it at some point and then us that information afterwards. It's very important, because we try to figure out which versions were censored and which weren't and in case of censorship, we want to also document what exact got censored).

comment:3 by m-kiewitz, 7 years ago

In case it's the localized French version w/ French voices, it should be uncut.
Still it would be great if you could verify the information then and also tell us, which exactly it is. Sierra Originals (budget one) or the original release and so on.

comment:4 by m-kiewitz, 7 years ago


sorry for typos

comment:5 by enclume, 7 years ago

Sorry but, this report is about phantasmagoria 1, not the sequel.
My version is the french one with french voices.

comment:6 by m-kiewitz, 7 years ago

Oh I'm blind. Sorry.

In case you ever get your hands on the sequel, please report the details to us. We would like to have a full documentation on all the released versions.

But it's still interesting to hear that the first game was also fully localized to French.

comment:7 by csnover, 7 years ago

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Resolution: fixed
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Thanks for your report! This detection table entry has been added in commit 6edb991bf9c44861e8eba370f107203db05eadd6 and will be available in daily builds 1.10.0git-3919 and later.

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