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SCI: QFG1: Running on ice till health points depletion won't kill hero.

Reported by: OmerMor Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCI
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Game: Quest for Glory 1


First reported here:

Appears to be a script bug.

When in room 58, and type "run", the hero will fall and his HP will decrease by 1 point. This can be repeated, but will never cause the hero to die.

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comment:1 by OmerMor, 3 years ago

This is reproducible in QFG1VGA as well.

comment:2 by OmerMor, 3 years ago

When typing "run" the ego will be assigned with the script egoRuns.
egoRuns::changeState calls proc0_36 in script 0 which is deducing damage from the hero's HP.
This procedure returns TRUE if the hero is still alive, but the return value is never observed in egoRuns.

comment:3 by OmerMor, 3 years ago

In QFG1VGA, it's pretty much the same.
The main difference is that the procedure that takes the damage is proc814_19 in script 814.

comment:4 by OmerMor, 3 years ago

Here's the content of the twitter report, by DarthWizard86:

Uhhhh still alive have 0 health. Running on the ice takes off 1 health till you have 0 then you don't die?

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