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WIN: Cannot run games stored in the root of a drive

Reported by: SF/the-huz Owned by: aquadran
Priority: normal Component: Port: Win32
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Under Windows 98SE, ScummVM seems unable to run
anything from the root directory of any drive. This rather
scuppers the chances of running COMI straight from CD,
as well as making extreme disorganisation impossible.
This has happened in all binaries I’ve tried since 0.4.0,
but it was probably in before then.

When trying to start the game from the command line,
the ScummVM window appears but remains blank for a
time ranging from 15-45 seconds, which seems to
depend on the game. After this, an error
message “cannot find file: `foo`” appears in the GUI
(customised with CD-style messages for COMI).
Choosing Retry repeats the pause and the error,
choosing Cancel brings up the debugger.

Sample console output, trying to run COMI straight from

C:\Games\ScummVM>scummvm -v
ScummVM 0.4.2cvs
Built on Jun 5 2003 00:48:23

C:\Games\ScummVM>scummvm -pg:\ comi
Using joystick: Microsoft PC-joystick driver
Looking for comi
Trying to start game 'The Curse of Monkey Island',
version 8.1.0
[pause here]
(0:0:0x0): Cannot find file: 'comi.la0'(0:0:0x0): Cannot
find file: 'comi.la0'!

The same happens with the COMI files copied directly to
E:\, or the monkey2 files copied there. Running COMI or
anything else from within a folder (eg. E:\comi) works

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comment:1 by SF/bgbennyboy, 16 years ago

I can reproduce this on 98SE using virtualpc

comment:2 by SF/wooshell, 16 years ago

The problem seems to be related to Win9x file i/o, as it does
not occur on my Win2000 box.

comment:3 by Kirben, 16 years ago

The problem doesn't occur on my Windows XP system either.

comment:4 by SF/sir_kill_a_lot, 16 years ago

Some time ago I saw that File:fopenNoCase adds an slash to
the path (so "bla\" became "bla\/"), but since my WinXP
doesn't care about multiple (back)slashes I didn't file a bug
Perhaps Win98 isn't that tolerant (at least for slashes right
after the drive) if this bug still exists.

comment:5 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Did you try
scummvm -pg: comi

comment:6 by SF/the-huz, 16 years ago

Yes, I tried -pg: and -pg:/ with the same result.

However, while trying every other combination I could think
of, I just found a workaround! It is as simple as:

scummvm -pg:\thisdoesntexist\.. comi

Hope that helps eliminate the problem somehow. :)

comment:7 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Well considering that other people don't have the problem in XP,
2000, and 98SE, I am surprised you have it at all. Anyway, a
windows developer will have to look into this, if we can find one.

comment:8 by SF/sir_kill_a_lot, 16 years ago

I just tried the following commands in Win2k/XP:
dir "c:/"
dir "c:\/"
and both worked like "dir c:\". Then I tried it under Win98SE
and it said something like "couldn't find computer".
So I think File::fopenNoCase seems to cause this bug.

comment:9 by SF/florob, 16 years ago

Yes seems like this perhaps is a bug with some ifdefs. I have
the same bug under Win98SE.

comment:10 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Summary: Cannot run games stored in the root of a drive in Win98SEWIN: Cannot run games stored in the root of a drive

comment:11 by aquadran, 16 years ago

Owner: set to aquadran
Resolution: fixed
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comment:12 by digitall, 11 months ago

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