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ALL: CVS build issues

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The recent update of ScummVM's Makefile broke the compile process
on my system (Linux 2.2.25, gcc 2.95.3):

1. strcasecmp() is not an ANSI C function, so compiling
scumm/bundle.cpp with "-ansi" fails:

scumm/bundle.cpp:365: `strcasecmp' undeclared (first use this

2. My compiler does not know the newly inserted

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comment:2 Changed 16 years ago by fingolfin

To 1): strcasecmp is part of POSIX. GCC 3.x doesn't complain about it's
usage with -ansi (and quite frankly, it is silly for a compiler to
complain about it being used when in strict ansi mode - after all, one
can define any functions one likes even in strict ansi mode). Anyway,
you could either modify scummsys.h to use some other function to
#define scumm_stricmp; or remove the -ansi from your Makefile; or
upgrade to a better compiler (e.g. GCC 3.x)

To 2): You can remove it from your Makefile then, or get a better
compiler (e.g. GCC 3.x)

comment:3 Changed 16 years ago by SF/inguin

To 1): According to my manual page strcasecmp is _not_ part of POSIX. It's
only "conforming to BSD 4.3" and thus it's not part of the ANSI C standard.
The -ansi flag changes not only the compiler syntax but also the contents of
the standard header files (string.h in this case). I tried it on three different
Linux systems (gcc 2.95.3, gcc 2.95.4 and egcs 2.91.66, I don't have access
to a gcc3 system at the moment) and on none of these did string.h declare
strcasecmp if compiled with -ansi. And according to a german (sorry) usenet
article I found (<>) this is how it's supposed
to be.

To 2): Sure, that's what I did, I just removed the option. Just wanted to
mention it.

comment:4 Changed 16 years ago by fingolfin

We have at least ont team member on Linux (olki) using GCC 3.x, it
compiles fine for him... One can argue about the benefits of "-ansi",
though, we could remove it from the default warnings list again... in
the meantime (as you already know, of course), you can just remvoe it
manually. :-)

comment:5 Changed 8 months ago by digitall

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