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GDI Port: CD Audio playing patch

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This is the code to playing CD Audio under GDI Port:

void cd_playtrack(int track, int offset, int delay) { UINT wDeviceID; DWORD dwReturn; MCI_OPEN_PARMS mciOpenParms; MCI_SET_PARMS mciSetParms; MCI_PLAY_PARMS mciPlayParms; int start, end;

start = (offset / 24); end = (start + delay / 24);

mciOpenParms.lpstrDeviceType = "cdaudio"; if (dwReturn = mciSendCommand(NULL, MCI_OPEN, MCI_OPEN_TYPE, (DWORD)(LPVOID) &mciOpenParms)) return;

wDeviceID = mciOpenParms.wDeviceID; mciSetParms.dwTimeFormat = MCI_FORMAT_TMSF; if (dwReturn = mciSendCommand(wDeviceID, MCI_SET, MCI_SET_TIME_FORMAT, (DWORD)(LPVOID) &mciSetParms)) { mciSendCommand(wDeviceID, MCI_CLOSE, 0, NULL); return; }

mciPlayParms.dwFrom = MCI_MAKE_TMSF(track, start / 60, start % 60, 0); mciPlayParms.dwTo = MCI_MAKE_TMSF(track, end / 60, end % 60, 0);

if (dwReturn = mciSendCommand(wDeviceID, MCI_PLAY, MCI_FROM | MCI_TO | MCI_NOTIFY | MCI_TRACK, (DWORD)(LPVOID) &mciPlayParms)) mciSendCommand(wDeviceID, MCI_CLOSE, 0, NULL); }

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Component: Port: Win32
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