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MIDI "jumbo" patch

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This is a new MIDI patch for ScummVM. It primarily consists of chuzwuzza's latest MIDI patch as of yesterday, plus some MT32 translation and fixes which now provide music of some sort under MI2.

This also provides a little extra debugging to explain SoundEngine::findTag errors (which are generally caused by scummvm looking for the wrong tag).

This is a unified diff against this morning's CVS.


Matt Johnson (MattJ on IRC)

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MIDI "jumbo" patch.

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by SF/mattjon, 18 years ago

Attachment: jumbo-midi.patch added

MIDI "jumbo" patch.

comment:1 by SF/chuzwuzza, 18 years ago

Matt, not bad, except for a few minor flaws I can see

Firstly, you have removed all patch changes for the
percussion channel (10). While mostly, all patch change
events on channel 10 seem to be 0 (standard drum kit), what
if in some weird song, the composer had put in to use the
orchestral drum kit? I'll admit that's unlikely, but just in
case I think you should change the exclusion to be if the
patch change on channel 10 is '0' *then* don't proceed with it.

Also, just a note, when sam and max eventually does work, it
uses general midi music. No need to exclude it from the list ;)

Other than that, cool. That's pretty much the exact same
thign I had in mind for mt32 patch conversion too

comment:2 by SF/mattjon, 18 years ago

Hey Mike,

Yeah, that's correct. I fully agree with what you're
saying, but I think (willing to be corrected though) that
the Orchestral Kit patch change is a GS extension and not
GMidi or MT32. Of course, if we need to allow changes to
the Orchestral Kit, we need to allow it to change back to
patch 0, which rather obviates the problem.

Didn't do anything particular for samnmax -- I knew
tentacle needs GMIDI (It provides both GMD and ROL
resources!) and should probably make the function, which
determines whether mt32_translation is needed, separate.

Next thing would be to seek and destroy the things like
#ifdef SAMNMAX and use Scumm._gameId instead. Using
#defines for that is ugly :)


comment:3 by SF/chuzwuzza, 18 years ago


You could be right about teh extra drum patches... I first
started out with midi stuff having a roland GS keyboard, so
that's all I've ever known =)

as for defines being ugly, yeah i agree =) thats why i
created the MidiDriver interface in the first place

I just wish I would get some feedback from the developers...
they seem determined to ignore me...

comment:4 by SF/bbrox, 18 years ago

After a quick look at the patch, my biggest gripe is that
it's not using at all any feature of C++.

If you want to do it 'cleanly', one should bave a MidiDriver
base class with a virtual MidiOut function. Moreover, each
platform specific code should be in it's respective file
(for example, the Windows code in windows.cpp, Linux stuff
in sdl.cpp (or even linux.cpp)).

The call to the constructor would be done in either sdl.cpp
or windows.cpp. After, the iMuse code would just call
MidiDriver->MidiOut() and thanks to the magic of C++, there
would be no test to see which driver is active.

But this leads to another problem : once I will have written
my 'record to .MID' option, you will not be able to listen
and record the music at the same time (as only one driver
can be loaded at one time). But well, this is maybe not such
a big deal.

Finally, why do you apply the MT32 => GM translation table
on games different from Tentacle ? Why not do it if you
detect a 'roland_sound_tag' in the ressource file ?

comment:5 by SF/mattjon, 18 years ago

Hey Lionel,

No argument about the main bulk of the patch -- most of it
is Michael (chuzwuzza)'s work integrated into the MT32
stuff unchanged. You should probably take up C++-ish stuff
relating to MidiDriver:: with him. (I don't profess to
knowing C++ either... I've got enough C to hack and enough
Java and Ruby to do OO stuff :-)).

We say gameId != GID_TENTACLE because DOTT provides ROL
tagged MIDI too! MI2 generally provides ROL and ADL
(Roland, Adlib) tags and DOTT generally provides GMD, ROL
and ADL, in every SOUN block. (i.e. the resource files
contain 2 or 3 different midis for different platforms of
the same sound).

If there's a clever way to put all of GMD, ROL and ADL into
a single array and have scummvm choose in *that* priority
order (which'd be ideal, since that will make the extra
sounds in MI2 work too), then that'd be really nice and
would tidy up the GID_specific checks.

I'm all for not doing work we don't need to do (and the
fact that the GM midis sound better than the translated
MT32 :-)). That gameId test really needs abstracting to a
function (mainly as I understand that SamNMax is also GMIDI



comment:6 by SF/ender, 18 years ago

Updated to latest CVS, and applied. Roland translation is
activated by the command-line option '-r'.

Geez, took a while for me to get around to this one...

comment:7 by SF/ender, 18 years ago

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comment:8 by digitall, 13 months ago

Component: Audio: MT32
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