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#791 closed defect (fixed)

INDY3: Marcus on foreground

Reported by: SF/hibernatus Owned by: fingolfin
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Game: Indiana Jones 3


Load the attached file and you will see Marcus standing
on the table (making a speech? :)
What's interesting is that he is the only one with this
bug (see Indy).

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indy3.s01 (39.1 KB ) - added by SF/hibernatus 16 years ago.
Marcus on foreground
indy3.2.s01 (38.8 KB ) - added by SF/hibernatus 16 years ago.
Marcus on foreground (bis)

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by SF/hibernatus, 16 years ago

Attachment: indy3.s01 added

Marcus on foreground

comment:1 by SF/hibernatus, 16 years ago

woops i forgot the usual things:
ScummVM 0.4.1cvs
Built on May 20 2003 13:35:27

Happens in the cut scene when you first go to Venice.

comment:2 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Owner: set to fingolfin

comment:3 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

That save game is sadly useless to debug the problem. We need one
*before* that happens - with this save game, it'll always be wrong,
even if I fix the problem :-)

comment:4 by SF/hibernatus, 16 years ago

I should have thought about that indeed, but anyway you can
get the bug after 24 seconds of playing :)
Here is a save game in the previous room this time.

by SF/hibernatus, 16 years ago

Attachment: indy3.2.s01 added

Marcus on foreground (bis)

comment:5 by eriktorbjorn, 16 years ago

On the other hand, since you don't need the grail diary or
anything from Henry's house to go to Venice, it shouldn't
take you much more than 30 seconds to get to Venice, if you
escape through the intro and the Donovan cutscene. :-)

comment:6 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Didn't realize that it's so close to the start of the game :-)

Problem is, marcus is in walkbox 255 (i.e. the invalid walk box), so he's
drawn in zplane 0. I have no clue, right now, *why* he is in that
walkbox. Hm.

comment:7 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Marcus (actor 4) is in box 255 because he's set to ignoreBoxes=true.
He is not set to do that in that room, though (unlike actor 10, Dr.
Schneider, who is set to ignoreBoxes). So I guess he was set to
ignoreBoxes at some earlier point. Which makes me wonder if maybe
we should've reset the ignore flag at some point?

comment:8 by SF/hibernatus, 16 years ago

With 0.4.1 the bug is gone. But with 0.4.2cvs (built today) the
bug is back.
Something to notice: when you finish the catacombs part,
marcus comes back for another cutscene. This time he is
behind the table, but not the puddle which grows under his

comment:9 by eriktorbjorn, 16 years ago

The bug was probably introduced in the trunk after 0.4.0 was
branched. 0.4.1 is based on that branch.

comment:10 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

As erik says.To further explain this, I perfectly understand what is causing
the symptoms, and I could easily introduce a hackish FIX (and I might just do
that soon if I can't find the proper solution).

But, I'd prefer to understand the actual cause and resolve that, instead of
just curing the symptoms.

I.e.: Should Marcus somehow have been reset to not ignore boxes at some
point? if so where and why don't we register it. Or maybe, Marcus is
supposed to be in "ignore boxes" mode, but should still check in which box
he is and use the mask for that box... but that doesn't seem to be at all what
the original code does, so I'd be reluctant to do that. Or maybe he should be
set to "forceClip" mode and for some reasons we don't do that... etc. etc.,
there are multiple possible reasons.

Hey, erik, if you feel bored... =)

comment:11 by SF/hibernatus, 16 years ago

I've tested the original engine by changing the scripts twice.

1. Replaced:
[0097] (D8) printEgo([Text("Maybe he'll recognize us.")])
[0097] (5D) setClass(4,[148]) // neverClip
That makes marcus instantly move onto foreground.

2. Replaced:
[0097] (D8) printEgo([Text("Maybe he'll recognize us.")])
[0097] (5D) setClass(4,[150]) // ignoreBoxes
That doesn't do anything.

Maybe somebody could check the exe, but i think the class
kObjectClassIgnoreBoxes shouldn't put actors on foreground.
That would fix the FIXME in object.cpp line 104, and the bug
#755863 (zak256).

comment:12 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

That's a misunderstanding. kObjectClassIgnoreBoxes does *not*
put actors in the foreground. Rather it does cause actors to
ignore boxes.

What you see is an indirect consequence: affected actors are in
no box (or if you prefer, they are in box 255, the invalid box). As
a consequence of that, the actor will be always in zplane 0 in
ScummVM. This is what is causing the effect reported in this bug.

From all I can see in the MIVGA engine (don't have Indy3
disassmbly) this is the correct behaviour. Actually, it looks a bit
as if their code was buggy: if an actor is in no box, the actor is
set to the special box 255 (=invalid box). The function which
determines the zplane value for a given box doesn't perform
bound checking. Furthermore, the code calling it doesn't seem to
perform bound checking.

So why does it work anyway in the original? One theory: Unless
code was different in the Indy3 / Zak256 engine, it would seem
that an out-of-bound access occured. By chance, the value
returned was non-0 in the original engine. leading to an
apparently "correct" display.

comment:13 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

comment:14 by digitall, 11 months ago

Component: Engine: SCUMM
Game: Indiana Jones 3
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