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SCUMM: Add proper detection for fanmade Monkey Island 1+2 Talkies

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Dear Team,

here I have the MD5 checksums for the fanmade Talkie versions of Monkey Island 1 and 2 that are created from the original game data files from the "Special Edition" releases from a few years ago. Thanks to the fan-made patch, it is possible to play the original Monkey Island 1 and 2 games with speech from the "SE" releases, which is simply great. The Special Edition re-releases are "just" the original datafiles from the original CD-Version with a new interpreter and a graphics overlay. It is possible to extract all the original game files from the re-releases.

I know that you normally don't add fan-patched stuff to the detection tables (at least I guess, because you mention something like this in the console message that pops up when an unknown game is started...), but this case is somewhat special in my opinion.

First, even if the patch is fan-made, the source files are taken directly from the original, so there's no fan-made content added. In fact, you have the original graphics, original audio (from the Enhanced Audio CD and the Special Edition releases) and the speech from the Special Edition. In my opinion, these versions of Monkey Island 1 and 2 are the most advanced in existence.

You can check out the patch for yourself if you want - you need to buy the Special Edition releases of Monkey 1 and/or 2 and the free patch available at It is not possible to rebuilt the game files without owning the Special Editions - so no issue with piracy.

There's already some basic detection - Monkey Island 1 SE e.g. get's detected as either Monkey Island (CD), (SegaCD) or (FMTowns). However, only the (CD) target works, SegaCD has missing audio, FMTowns has missing audio and a wrong color pallette, so selecting the wrong target will break the gaming experience.

Therefore I recommend adding new targets like "The Secret of Monkey Island (Special Edition/Unofficial Talkie)" that inherits all the settings from the (CD) target, but are selected based on the MD5 value of the patched monkey.000 file.

Here are the MD5 hashes for the patched game files: * SCUMM gameid 'monkey', file 'monkey.000', MD5 'c0c9de81fb965e6cbe77f6e5631ca705' The Secret of Monkey Island (Special Edition/Unofficial Talkie)

  • SCUMM gameid 'monkey2', file 'monkey2.000', MD5 'f4d20ab4ce19743a646cb48bd93aee72' Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (Special Edition/Unofficial Talkie)

Further information: [Monkey Island 1 Talkie] [Monkey Island 2 Talkie]

Best regards and thanks in advance rootfather

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