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Win32 installer: Don't install QUICKSTART file if English is selected

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I ran the latest available (1.7.0) Win32 installer today, and one of the last things it had was a page that offered me the chance to see the README and QUICKSTART files. I made sure both were checked and continued.

I was then very confused to see the following paragraph at the top of the QUICKSTART file:

This document is a partial translation of the English README file. The original document has much more information, so if you cannot find what you need here and can understand a bit of English, try to look at the English README file.

Well... yeah, I can read English, you just told me that in English. The rest of the file is in English too, so it's not really a "partial translation". And as the message states, everything in the QUICKSTART file is also in the README file anyway, but it did cause me to spend a lot of time wondering what was up.

It turns out that this file is actually meant to be a template for a QUICKSTART file in other languages. (See where it was first committed.) As such, when English is selected as the install language, this file is essentially not needed as I understand it and can cause confusion, as in my case. I'd like to propose that if English is selected in the initial language selection dialog, it should not install the QUICKSTART file and nor should it offer an option to view it at the end.

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comment:1 by wjp, 8 years ago

Oops! Thanks for catching that!

comment:2 by wjp, 8 years ago

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comment:3 by Kirben, 8 years ago

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comment:4 by Kirben, 8 years ago

Please revert that last change, the QUICKSTART file is no longer just a template (Note the filename changed), and is useful as a quick short guide to using ScummVM in any language. There is QuickStart section in the README file, but people can be put of by the large size, and when greet by the large lists of contents.

The proper solution would be to remove the translation specific references in the QuickStart file.

comment:5 by wjp, 8 years ago

Sure, we can revert this after someone fixes the QuickStart file issues.

comment:6 by wjp, 8 years ago

Oh, and we should then also make sure it gets packaged with all other ports, if/when it's genuinely useful.

comment:7 by SF/sophira, 8 years ago

My apologies for not spotting that it wasn't intended to be a template any more! It certainly looked like one as there are several references still there - for example:

IMPORTANT: This short guide assumes you are using ScummVM in <translated language>. By default, ScummVM will use your operating system's language. If you prefer to use ScummVM in English, You may also prefer to follow the guide from the English REAMDE file.


Personally (as a user who hasn't yet done any development work on ScummVM), I'm still of the opinion that it's currently unnecessary to have the separate QuickStart guide in English given that it's in large part a duplicate of the text from the README.

That said, I can see an argument for removing it from the README entirely; that way there's no danger of the two files getting out of sync (as they already have in a few minor instances), and there's no duplication. I think that's the way forward that would make most sense to me!

[edit: Attempted to fix SF thinking that I had used an HTML tag.]

comment:8 by wjp, 8 years ago

Sophie: No need to apologize. You're entirely right the current contents are a template.

And given that this rename was 4 years ago, and the contents still haven't been adapted, I don't think this "intent" to have it be more than a template is very strong...

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comment:11 by SupSuper, 4 years ago

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