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GC: DVD support for gamecube

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Loading games from DVD for gamecube.

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comment:1 by SF/lutzero, 14 years ago

Priority: normalblocker

comment:2 by fingolfin, 14 years ago

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comment:3 by fingolfin, 14 years ago

Owner: set to dhewg
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Summary: DVD support for gamecubeGC: DVD support for gamecube

comment:4 by SF/avianauthority, 14 years ago

Start ScummVM and use the number 1 button to access the menu needed.

comment:5 by SF/avianauthority, 14 years ago

Sorry forget my last comment. I was thinking about DVD support for the Wii. I'm not sure if the Gamecube version has support or not.

comment:6 by SF/lutzero, 14 years ago

Hi, if you look at the source of the mupen64gc project i believe you can figure out how the dvd-loading from gamecube works. I can't program myself, so sorry for that.

Here is the link

have a look at /src/fileBrowser/fileBrowser-DVD.*

hope this helps!

comment:7 by dhewg, 14 years ago

Yeah, there's dvd code which works on wii and gc. I'll look into that, but it means substituting the current wii dvd code, and I have to retest it all.

comment:8 by SF/lutzero, 14 years ago

If you need help testing, I'll gladly help. I only have the gamecube, so I can't test the Wii part of it.

comment:9 by dhewg, 14 years ago

untested, but added the missing code. please try

comment:10 by fingolfin, 14 years ago

Status: newpending

comment:11 by SF/lutzero, 14 years ago

Thank you, will try tomorrow and post my results.

comment:12 by SF/lutzero, 14 years ago

Status: pendingnew

comment:13 by SF/lutzero, 14 years ago

Well, it's not working. ScummVM loads up, but when I want to add a game it doesn't read my dvd-drive. I just get an empty list.

comment:14 by dhewg, 14 years ago

Oh sorry, forgot to mention a little detail :P

It works just like the Wii port, hit "R" to bring up a port specific dialog. On the "DVD" tab, there's a "mount" button. Hit it. This has to be done manually, because spinning up the drive everytime is annoying. You can then add your game from the DVD to the launcher. If you then start ScummVM another time, you can just start the game from the launcher. It will detect the DVD path and spin it up automatically. At least that's the theory, I couldn't test the GC port with this feature :)

comment:15 by SF/lutzero, 14 years ago

Haha, ok I will try this when I get home. Thanks for your efforts and I'll let you know if it worked. Have a nice weekend ;) .

comment:16 by SF/lutzero, 14 years ago

Woohoo !! It's working ! I succesfully launched Day of the Tentacle. When I tried Full Throttle it gave me some errors, but at least DVD support is working now !

I will try some more and let you know. (My gamecube is having some problems reading my latest batch of DVD's, so sorry for the delay this caused)

comment:17 by dhewg, 14 years ago

the FT error sounds like data errors, probably it hates your dvd-r's. can we consider this as working?

comment:18 by SF/lutzero, 14 years ago

Yes, consider it working. Next request will be saving games to memory card ;) . Thanks for your work !

comment:19 by dhewg, 14 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

comment:20 by dhewg, 14 years ago

Alright, closing this then.

But don't get your hopes up on memcard saving. Those cards are very limited, it's not a full fledged filesystems. And 99% of the GC homebrew apps need a SD gecko anyway - which works just fine with ScummVM. Even better than any memcard code ever will.

Thanks for testing the DVD code!

comment:21 by wjp, 10 years ago

Component: Engine: SCUMM

comment:22 by digitall, 6 years ago

Component: Port: GameCube
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