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GP2X WIZ Mouse Modes

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I would love to see better mouse control for the GP2X WIZ port - currently, pressing the touchscreen results in a left click - I personally really dislike this method, especially in games that rely on "hovering" the mouse to locate the names of interactive elements (many games do this). Ideally, I'd love to see either:

An interface that maps the L/R buttons on the Wiz as Left and Right click (respectively) would work well, so that I could mouse around and use the L button to click when ready, especially since a right hander holding the stylus could left click without having to lift the stylus, and a good majority of ScummVM games rely solely on only the Left Mouse button. Or perhaps Right click could be mapped to Up on the Dpad, so that the user could both Left and Right click without moving either hand. (Lefty mode for this style that uses R and Y would probably be appreciate by southpaws the world over, as well, btw).

Or if for some reason this is not possible, perhaps an interface like the DS port uses, where the player can select the stylus input to either "left click" "right click" or "hover" modes, which alter how a tap of the touchscreen functions - this method is less desirable, as precise clicking is lost since it requires lifting and re-tapping the stylus, which can be tricky in the more pixel-hunting games where getting the mouse "just right" and clicking is necessary

Please - any update would be great - I love my Wiz and I love ScummVM, but I just can't stand the current control scheme, and this seems like a minor change. While I know I can use the Dpad to move the cursor around without clicking, that seems pointless on a device that has a touchscreen, and if I wanted to play using that method, I'd go play on my PSP instead of my Wiz.

Thank you for reading!

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I have adjusted the touchscreen input for the Wiz (and GP2X and Caanoo) in SVN r52631 to add something close to the 'Left. Right. Hover' described in the feature request.

A 'Left Handed' mode will follow later (once I work out a nice clean way to overload the options dialog).

The exact implementation of the 'Tap Modes' may change but I am closing the feature request as the functionality is not present.


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