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GUI: Speech & subtitles button

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I don't like much the button to toggle between "Speech only", "Speech and Subtitles" and "Subtitles only". I think it is confusing. It looks like a push button and usually push buttons are used to trigger actions. And the standard is that the label should describe the action that will be performed when clicking on the button.

Here you want to set an option and not perform an action. Also more importantly the user might be confuse, thinking that if the label is currently "Text and Subtitles" this will be what he will get by clicking on the button (and if I am not mistaken this is what he currently has and not what he will get).

When you want to select one item from a list of mutually exclusive items you usually have either a combo box or radio buttons. I tend to prefer radio buttons for a short list. On the other end I like homogeneity and currently you are only using combo boxes in the ScummVM GUI.

Another reason why the current button is not good in my opinion is that you see only the current setting and not the alternatives. You don't know what are all the alternatives until you have clicked several times and came back to the original setting, at which point you might still need to click several times to select the one you want.

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comment:1 by DrMcCoy, 15 years ago

I would also like two checkbuttons, one for speech and one for subtitles, there. In Woodruff, I can enable/disable subtitles, but I can't disable speech and the current GUI has no settings for that.

comment:2 by fingolfin, 15 years ago

We don't have radio buttons, and adding them just for this minor thing would be a major waste of resources (coding time, increased binary size).

Checkboxes cannot properly model that the fact that you cannot disable both speech and subtitles in some games.

So, I'd say we should use a popup widget to choose between the three settings. Optional refinement: If the GUI feature flags say that speech cannot be disabled (I don't think you can specify that right now, but we could add that possibility), then this leaves only two choices, and in that case, we could instead show a "subtitles" checkbox. Likewise, if one cannot change subtitles, but can disable voice, only show a "voice" or "speech" checkbox. However, this may not be possible due to limitations of our GUI code and the way GUI themes are stored. In that case, a popup button can still be used just fine (even if it ends up offering only two choices).

BTW, the reason this control is currently a button is twofold: (a) it is modeled after the corresponding button in some SCUMM games (and some other games we support, I think), which work exactly like that. And (b) it was added long before we had a popup widget. ;)

comment:3 by sev-, 14 years ago

I added radiobutton control and replaced the button with it.

comment:4 by sev-, 14 years ago

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comment:5 by digitall, 5 years ago

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