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GUI: Improve Mass Add button

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Currently the Mass Add button is really not obvious. Without documentation you have no way o know it is there. I have a few suggestion to improve the situation:

1) There is no need to differentiate "Add Game" and "Mass Add" button. Just use one "Add Games" button (note the plural). The idea there is that for most users this is basically the same thing: you select a directory and the game(s) in that directory are added. The only difference is that "Add Game" has some constraints, namely it adds only one game and it doesn't look in sub directories. It might be different from a developer point of view, but I am not convinced it should for a user. If you use Mass Add and select a directory where you have one game it behaves more or less in the same way as "Add Game".

2) Use two separates button. But I don't like this idea (there are already too many buttons for my taste in the launcher).

3) Add a small downward array (for a popup menu) on the right of the button. When clicking on that part of the button you get a popup menu with "Add one Game" and "Add several games" and if you click on the left part of the button it behaves like the "Add Game" button. I am not too fond of that solution either. For one thing the popup menu arrow is usually seen on toolbar button and not on action buttons. This might not be understood by everybody. Also the area on which to click to get the contextual menu is mall, which goes against usability rules (and might be an issue on some platforms).

4) Use just one button "Add Game(s)" and add an option (check box "Add all games from the selected directory and sub-directories") in the file selection dialog (which might be an issue on platforms on which the native file selection dialog is used).

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comment:1 by criezy, 14 years ago

Summary: Improve GUI - Mass Add buttonGUI - Improve Mass Add button

comment:2 by fingolfin, 14 years ago

Summary: GUI - Improve Mass Add buttonGUI: Improve Mass Add button

comment:3 by fingolfin, 14 years ago

Just to explain *why* the "Mass Add" feature is so difficult to find right now: The original intention was *precisely* to make it hard to find, because it used to be an unpolished experimental feature, and thus hiding it to people who don't read the README seemed a good idea.

Now that it is a mature feature, it should of course be made easy and obvious to use ;)

comment:4 by fingolfin, 14 years ago

I tend to agree with suggestion 1: Merge "add" and "mass add". There is some important feature that "Add" has but "Mass add" currently lacks, though: If detection inside a directory does not yield a unique match, then "Add" will present a list with all candidates to the user and let the user decide which one is "right". But "Mass Add" doesn't do that. Except for that, I think it's fair game to merge the two features these days....

comment:5 by sev-, 14 years ago

If somebody will implement 'choose variant' feature to Mass-Add, I am fine with merging the two.

Possible implementation could display set of radio button sets for each game and its variants with some default variant pre-selected. Though this will require implementation of the radio button widget

comment:6 by csnover, 6 years ago

Component: GUI

comment:7 by Mataniko, 3 years ago

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Summary: GUI: Improve Mass Add buttonGUI: Improve Mass Add button

Option #3 was implemented a long time ago, closing

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