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Key Mapper

Reported by: SF/samwiseuk Owned by: sev-
Priority: normal Component: Engine: AGOS
Version: Keywords: keymapper
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I'm playing Simon the Sorcerer II with a PS joypad under Linux. I'm not near the keyboard, so I'd like to be able to map the F10 hotkey which displays all clickable objects on-screen to one of the joypad buttons.

There seems to be some interest from others in the forums wrt key mapping too, so I wonder if it might be possible to introduce a scheme like MAME's ctrlr files, where a simple XML config is used to specify what keys/mouse buttons/joypad buttons are used for which function:

Obviously, there could be separate button configs listed for each game (e.g. could be separate config for each game listed in scummvm.ini), as each game will have different functions that may require a button e.g. only StS I and II use F10, I think.

If no config is found, the current default values could be used.

This has the small added advantage of also allowing you to disable a function (if for some reason you wanted to challenge someone by making them play through StS without the F10 function!).


Sam. (Dreamcast) (PSP)

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comment:1 by fingolfin, 15 years ago

A keymapper has been on our TODO for years. And in fact, one was added to SVN very recently, but is not (yet?) really usable. Sadly, it seems nobody is actively working on changing that, either :-/. So don't hold your breath on this...

Help with implementing this resp. completing and fixing the current would be welcome, though.

comment:2 by SF/samwiseuk, 15 years ago

Thanks for the update, fingolfin.

It sounds like it's a popularly requested feature but just hasn't proven to be an itch yet for someone who could make it happen.

I will endeavour to look at the code at some point but frankly my C skills are abysmal, unfortunately, and even if I could bodge it enough to make it work, I highly doubt any patch I produce would of the appropriate cross-platform quality required by the ScummVM project. :/

Perhaps we can at least use this feature request to keep track of any developments.



comment:3 by digitall, 5 years ago

Component: --Other--

comment:4 by ccawley2011, 4 years ago

Component: --Other--Engine: AGOS
Game: Simon the Sorcerer 1
Keywords: keymapper added

Support for the keymapper is now complete and enabled by default, however a keymap still needs to be added for the AGOS engine.

comment:5 by sev-, 3 years ago

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Closing this, because adding keymapper to AGOS engine is part of a bigger effort we put as a GSoC task

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